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deficits. It’s just simple math. If tax revenues soar, but congressional spending soars
more, budget deficits cannot be avoided.”
Taxation Without Representation, n. Probably THE major cause of the American
Revolutionary War with Britain, perhaps exclusive of the Intolerable Acts, the Stamp
Tax, and the 1775 massacre in Massachusetts, to say nothing of the Bunker Hill shot
heard around the world. My question therefore is: Are we getting close once again? Are
we, as American citizens, subjects to a sovereign, truly represented by our
Representatives in Congress, and the overbearing Chief Executive? I think not.
Tea Party, n. What is to be said, truthfully, about this grass-roots movement of concerned
Americans? They had better be taken seriously, in other words, „Damn the torpedoes, full
speed ahead.’ Some people would ask, Why? I am here to tell you that the dumping of
300 casks of English tea into Boston Harbor in 1773 was only the head of the beast that
protected us. Our forefathers knew much, much more than we will ever know.
And if we can’t come across some tea to dump, then, why the National Democrat Party?
And as far as the Tea Party has become slandered by „Progressives’ to the point of
characterizing them as a bunch of uneducated, know-nothing, racist bigots, such is
always the fallback position of progressive/liberal know-it-alls who can’t compete with
opposing ideas. Beyond that, they have no arrows left in their quiver.
Is the Tea Party racist, as characterized by most of the major media? I don’t believe so.
We need to be aware that Camp Obama has sent thugs masquerading as Tea Partiers to
various events where those same thugs hurl racial epithets in order to demonize
everything about the Tea Party. Strange, though, isn’t it, just how many black Americans
and Hispanic Americans show up at the rallies. Therefore, the typical Tea Party member
is not two holes in a white sheet shy of being a Klansman.
And to cap this commentary, take a guess as to who is arguably the most popular Tea
Party candidate for President. That’s right, Herman Cain, a black businessman who is
presently in virtually a dead heat with Mitt Romney for the Republican nomination.
Teachers, n. A few years ago, I was treated to a television evening news spectacle, in
which a Chicago grade school teacher, who had been on strike and on picket lines for the
first six weeks of the school year, told an interviewer that such actions were for the
benefit of the children.
Teaching, v. How could any teacher with any self-respect settle for facilitating rather than
teaching? (Go ahead: be a pal to the kids; sit with them and discuss this and that; learn
from them, but whatever you do, don’t try to teach them. And go right ahead and break
the kids into teams of group-think. Hold back the better students, and fail to teach the
Teaching Economics, v. Methinks that just what young students studying economics
these days do not need is to get a socialist slant on things via their classroom experiences.
But then, given the caliber of what is currently passing as education in all too much of
academia, liberal doses of socialist indoctrination are probably closer than not to the
norm. Now, if every economics course could be taught by a Milton Friedman, a Thomas
Sowell, or a Walter Williams, we would have a far larger number of students becoming
equipped to live in the real world.