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It is past time for the continuing dominance of our social structures by white males to be
done away with.
The concentration on Eurocentric and Western cultures in college and university studies
continues the propagation of distorted themes in history, science, and the arts.
Diversity is a good thing in itself, in that it recognizes the differences every individual
brings to the schoolroom, the workplace, and every other social setting. This, even
though in the case of American higher education, study after study has shown that having
a racially/ethnically diverse student body has no positive effect on student achievement. I
would also note that the same people who support affirmative action programs at the
University of Michigan would in all likelihood have no compunctions about preserving
the right of, for example, Howard University, to maintain an entirely black student body.
Every culture is as good as any other culture (This is cultural relativism run amuck.). The
cultural imperialism maintained by Western hegemony must go. This, in spite of the
practice of one non-Western culture of burning young brides to death in the event they
bring insufficient dowries to their future in-laws (and of having widows jump into the
flames, e.g., India), or the practice of some other non-Western cultures of female
circumcision (Read: genital mutilation.). Be it noted that these are not practices mandated
by any White European Male Patriarchy.
There is no such thing as objective truth. Since we all see the world through different
prisms, there will be differing truths for each of us.
If you encounter anyone believing in one or two of the above propositions, the chances
are better than even that you have also encountered an individual who believes in all of
them. One needn’t be a super patriot espousing American Exceptionalism to recognize
the insidious impact of the above attitudes on our society, on our civilization – indeed, on
our very souls.
Taking just one example that also happens to be an exemplar of the continuing
destruction of the English language, I confess to finding it hard to believe that anyone
could, with a straight face, maintain that the government knows what is good for
better than we ourselves know (Again, „The Vision of the Anointed).
A passing acquaintance with history will show that to be the furthest thing from a
„progressive’ stance. Truth be told, it’s the most reactionary proposition imaginable (And
again, „A proposition so preposterous that only an intellectual could accept it.’). To
regress to the times when every aspect of living was controlled by a king, emperor, or
feudal lord is not my idea of progress.
Synonyms, n. How’s this for a topical list? Political correctness, sensitivity training,
multiculturalism, and galloping fascism? How about re-education centers and
concentration camps?
Syntax, n. Tax initiated by prudes on such admirable products as alcohol and tobacco.
See some of Hillary Clinton’s writings.