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government. And in the same essay he informs us that the first responsibility of
government is to govern the people, and the second necessity is to govern themselves, an
injunction that seems to have completely escaped the notice of the current Democrat
Quotidian and ubiquitous, adj. Words used to me at work by a young, newly minted
attorney roughly forty years my junior, a few years ago. Imagine her surprise when, much
to her consternation and embarrassment, I was able to use both terms in single declarative
sentences. I, who was a lowly honors major in political science, keeping up with a
lawyer. Who would believe it?
Racial Sensitivity, n. And on the never-ending subject of political correctness manifested
as racial sensitivity, how about the movement underway in the last few years to change to
non-white, for the statue to be built at Ground Zero, the race of two of the three white
guys that raised the flag there? These three white guys just happened to raise that flag,
and they weren’t discriminating against anybody. There just happened to be more whites
in the vicinity at the time, which is understandable, given that the majority in this country
is of the white persuasion. When that statue is built, let’s have it reflect the truth, and
sensitivity be damned!
Racisism, n. Considering people only by their race. Supposed to be impossible to blacks,
inasmuch as their ancestors were persecuted, and they lack power. I beg to differ. If a
person, of whatever shading, hates a person of a different color, that’s racism. Political
power has absolutely nothing to do with it. (And by the way, consider the power that
many, many black folks hold in current America.)
Compare with the English word for slave, which came from the mid-European word
„Slav,’ in reference to those in southeastern Europe who were traded by the centuries.
And yet, and yet. On the one hand, we have „soul food.’ which is of course beyond the
ability of whites to prepare, understand, or enjoy, inasmuch as whites have no souls.
(How’s that for a bit of racism?) On the other, Leonard Jeffries, with his mantra of blue-
eyed ice people being the result of a scientific experiment having gone wrong thousands
of years ago. (I can’t help wondering just who conducted the experiment.)
Ronald Radosh, n. One must wonder about the worldview of the leftists who begged him
not to publish his book, which examined the case of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, and
ended up conclusively establishing their guilt. The reason those leftists gave Radosh for
their request that he not publish: the book would „hurt their cause.’
Raggedy Ann and Andy, n. Two of my favorite cartoon characters when I was at the ripe
old age of eight, or thereabouts. They came to life because they knew that a dream is
what you wish for.
Rags to Riches, n. Remember the Tony Bennett song of the 1950’s? Well, let’s turn it
around, considering the Obama administration, and conclude that, if he has his way, it
will be the turning of riches to rags.
Rain, n. „Into each life, some rain must fall.’ When you get rained on, you get wet.