The Dumbbell's Dictionary HTML version

Property Rights, n. Please, let’s be realistic. There are no human rights without property
rights, and it is nonsensical to oppose the two unless, that is, you’re a liberal, who simply
doesn’t know any better, or does he? Take away all property rights, then stand back and
see what is left of human rights, or better yet, read an inbiasee history of the Soviet
Union. And don’t believe for a single moment that a man who will take your property
will not also take your life, provided only that he can get away with the taking. Civil
rights over property rights? Unreal. John Locke would be spinning in his grave.
Public Debt, n. The cries of the miscreant liberals notwithstanding, it most assuredly is
not a public benefit. Why saddle our progeny with debt that they will never be able to
repay. For support in my views on this, see the writings of Washington, Jefferson, and
Public Education, n. Public education? Save the system? Why? First, let’s ask why
American Students don’t read, write, do math, or think as well as students in other
industrialized countries. Further, why must so many American businesses spend so much
time and so many resources in remedial education for the youngsters they hire?
Public Employee Unions, n. An absolute infringement of the rights of both the employees
and the public that has to depend on them. Card signup, my ass.
Public Schools, n. Recent surveys show that as many as one third of fourth-graders in the
typical public (Notice that I did not say Private, or Home-Schooled.) school can’t read.
Throw more money at the schools, continue the empowerment of the National Education
Association, and continue to exclude and ignore, if not downright defy, parents. Where’s
the outrage?
Public Servant, n. Every time I encounter the term, I grit my teeth. There is no such thing.
There are only masters of the individual, masquerading as benefiting all.
Pugnacious, adj. Said of a professional boxer with a flat nose.
Puppy, n. The most gorgeous creature ever invented by the Ruler of the Universe, either
in Heaven, or Earth, with the exception of the human baby, as a gift to humanity.
Pusillanimous, adj. Try it on, versus courageous, and see where the chips fall regarding
the current administration. (2011)
Pyrrhic Victory, n. Said Pyrrhus, Kind of Epirus, after having defeated the Romans at
Asculum in BC 279, with heavy losses, including most of his elephants, „Another such
victory, and I am undone.’
Qasimodo, n. Was he truly a hunchback, or only an itinerant bell-ringer?
Querulous, adj. The condition a liberal finds himself in whenever his motives,
intelligence, or justification happen to be questioned, just as the current administration
continues to behave.
Qui Constodies Constodiet? Interesting question that has been with us since Plato put pen
to parchment and penned his „Republic.’ Thus, who will guard the guards? Recall that in
Federalist 51, Madison averred that if men were angels, there would be no need for