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And wasn’t it joyous to behold, to see and hear her tell us that for first time in her life,
with the nomination of her husband for the presidency, she was proud of America? Think
about that: For the first time in her life, she was proud of her country. Now just what does
that statement tell us about her mind set? Still mired in slavery? Well, between England
and America, we abolished it, and not without cost.
Obama’s „Stimulus,’ n. What has it done for us so far? Well, according to recent reports,
it has indeed created a few hundred thousand more jobs, primarily, of course for teachers
unions and other public employee unions, and at the miniscule cost of around $278,000
per job. Lovely.
The Obama Story, n. Well now, first of all it is truly a story (as in fiction) and certainly
not history. His „Dreams from My Father, pretty well ghost-written by Bill Ayers, and
also his „The audacity of Hope,’ pretty well ghost-written by Jeremiah Wright, tell us
perhaps more than we will ever need about this young man, the greatest imposter in
American history.
The official White House website claims: „His story is the American story – values from
the heartland, a middle-class upbringing in a strong family…’ This piece of fluff could
not be further from the truth, i.e.: A radical leftist white woman with a man’s name,
married to a black Kenyan radical economist. „Barry’ didn’t even lay eyes on him until he
was ten years old. Divorce, his mother then marrying an Indonesian Muslim. He was
taught in Muslim schools in Indonesia through primary school.
He was eventually abandoned by both mother and step-father (biological father was long
gone). Pretty much raised during his teen years by paternal grandfather and black
communist Frank Marshall Davis. Now I ask you, is that typical of the story for most
Americans? Not hardly. His persistent animus against colonialism, which no longer
exists, is easily explained. See, for example, Dinesh D’Souza’s „The Roots of Obama’s
And a final note on Obama’s arrant hypocrisy: Since 2003, poor families in Washington
D. C. had been allowed to send their children to private schools of their choice. The D. C.
voucher program was a huge success, with more than 1,700 children participating each
year, almost one hundred per cent black children. Under this innovative program, parents
185 per cent below the federal (national) poverty line could send their children to
outstanding parochial schools or even to exclusive academies such as Sidwell Friends,
where the Obama girls attend school. (Recall that Bill Clinton was no friend to vouchers,
even as Chelsea was attending the same school.)
Obama, however, who professes to care so deeply for the poor, merely sat back while the
Democrat Congress defunded the program in 2009. And why is that? Simplicity itself. He
would rather condemn poor children to failing schools than offend the teachers’ unions.
Now I ask you: With friends like that, do poor black children really need enemies?
Obituary for America, n. The territory won by Obama in the 2008 election was mostly
comprised of those voters living in low income housing and also living off various forms
of government aid (and, needless to say, more than a few liberal quasi-intellectuals.
If the Congress gives in to Obama’s plan and grants amnesty and eventually full
citizenship to our roughly twenty million invaders called, again euphemistically