The Dumbbell's Dictionary HTML version

Novels, n. Don’t read them simply to get through them, or to be able to say that you have
read them. Read them for both enjoyment and edification, for there is indeed something
to be gotten from any good work of fiction. Thus, from Brandon Sanderson’s recent
gigantic fantasy novel, „The Way of Kings:’ „…wine was the great assassin of both
tradition and propriety…’
NPR, n. National Pubic Radio. I’m afraid that not too many liberals would accept this
Nuclear, adj. Read as „unclear’ to all too many.
Nuclear Power, n. France gets 80 percent of its electric power from nuclear plants, with
no harm done to the environment or indigenous plants or animals. Why then oh why,
have the envy the American totalitarian socialists have for France not clicked with
Nuts, n. What Jesse Jackson reportedly wanted removed from Barak Obama.
Barack Hussein Obama, n. America’s very worst president. Obsequious, pusillanimous,
sycophantic apologist for America. He obviously has no understanding that he is the so-
called leader of the free world. (Bring in the French (the French?) and the United
Nations.) But then, of course, he most assuredly does not want America to be any longer
a leader.
I read recently that he said America was not a great nation until 1965, when Lyndon
Johnson’s entitlements began to kick in. To me, it is obvious that he has never read the
prohibitions of the Founding Fathers, or, in the worst case, that he profoundly disagrees
with them. I wonder: Which could be worse? One of my favorite people, though I’ve
never met him, Mark Alexander, editor of the Patriot Post, had the following to say about
Obama in a recent editorial.
„On occasion I have been critical of Barak Hussein Obama, a phony “community
organizer” con man, who, with help of his leftist puppeteers, masterfully duped 69
million Americans into giving him the most expensive public housing and benefits in the
nation. I am most critical of this charlatan’s political endeavor to demolish free enterprise
with a debt bomb, and from the economic rubble, resurrect a transformed USSA subject
to tyrannical rule via Democratic Socialism.
Obama built his presidential campaign around the “change” theme: “This is our moment,
our time to turn the page on the policies of the past, to offer a new direction. We are
fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” So much for liberty, to say
nothing of fraternity. I purposely exclude equality.
Michelle Obama, n. Affirmative Action Baby who, in her dissertation at Princeton, failed
to give mention to the many opportunities that America has afforded her, choosing to
concentrate on presumed instances of less than equal treatment. (I seriously doubt that the
woman could diagram a simple declarative sentence.) This unequal treatment mantra is
surprising, in view of her $320,000 salary from a Chicago institution, which salary had
been doubled from the original $160,000 with the ascendance of her husband.