The Dumbbell's Dictionary HTML version

Niggardly, adj. A useful word that has, all too often, gotten educated black Americans in
trouble with other uneducated Black Americans.
Nightmare, n. Female horse never seen during the day.
Admiral Chester Nimitz, n. „They fought together as brothers-in-arms, they died together,
and now they sleep side by side. To them we have a solemn obligation.’
Nineteen Eighty Four, n. For those of you given neither to literature nor history, it’s here,
just a bit late.
Richard Nixon, n. America’s thirty-seventh President, forced to resign in August, 1974,
or face impeachment for abusing the powers of his office. Not very classy behavior. In
late 1960, however, he showed a great deal of class by refusing to contest the eminently
contestable 1960 election in which John Kennedy defeated him with the efforts of
thousands of dead voters in Illinois and Texas, without whose votes Kennedy would not
have won.
Nixon had no intention of precipitating a constitutional crisis, which would surely
happened had he contested the results of the election. And yet, Kennedy had the gall to
remark that Nixon had gone out the same way he came in: no class. It seems to me that
being a millionaire’s son, and having elections bought for you while engaging in an
endless series of extra-marital affairs, does indeed indicate a lack of class, no matter the
wealth of the protagonists. Therefore, it is only fitting for us to ask just which of these
two men showed more class at the time.
Albert J. Nock, n. Definitely not a „Superfluous Man,’ Even though he did write
„Memoirs of a Superfluous Man.’ Also see his „Essays on the State of the Union,’ and
„The Disadvantages of Being Educated.’ And just in passing, Albert Jay Nock was
certainly no fan of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
Nocturnal Emissions, n. Some years ago, the DEQ authorities in Boise established a set
of roving vans housing emission control inspection stations. Night had arrived, and I
happened to be shopping at a local Fred Meyer, where one such van was in the parking
lot. I had the temerity to ask the operator whether he was checking nocturnal emissions.
He was not amused.
Nomenklatura, n. Designation applied to the upper echelons of the Communist Party of
the old Soviet Union. Had the best cars, the best apartments, and privileges at the best
restaurants and stores No standing in line only to encounter empty shelves for them.
Sounds a bit like our current administration, to say nothing about the limousine liberals
that must needs use a government vehicle for a few blocks journey to the Capitol.
Non Compos Mentis, n. Condition that precisely describes the Obama administration,
that is: a combination of evil, ignorance, and inanition,in addition to not quite having all
your mental marbles, that is both ubiquitous and quotidian.
Non-conductor, n. Official who does not take your ticket on a train.
Oliver North, n. A true American hero, period. Boland Amendments against the Contras
be damned! Why would Boland and other Democrat idiots not want to help a group
determined to dislodge the Sandanista Communists? North’s heroism and Americanism
are not to be doubted by any fair-minded person.