The Dumbbell's Dictionary HTML version

Audie Murphy, n. Most decorated soldier of WW2, killing tanks and Germans all by
himself. Seems a shame that he later degenerated into B class movies, and was killed in a
plane crash.
Muse, n. Would that she should be sitting on my shoulder.
Muslim America, n. I don’t believe so. Obama tries time and again to make the case that
we are a Muslim country, contrary to all reality. The CIA World Fact Book reports that
there are approximately 1.8 million Muslims in this country. That represents roughly 0.6
per cent of our population. Recently the St. Petersburg Times did an analysis
of the top 60 Muslim countries in the world. The United States came in at number 58.
Besides which, contrary to Obama’s rhetoric, according to sheer numbers, we are in fact
the largest Christian country, based on population.
The Muslim Brotherhood, n. Hillary Clinton, presumably not realizing that she’s in
completely over her head as Secretary of State, made the following peace-destroying
blunder last week: „We believe … that it is in the interests of the United States to engage
with all parties that are peaceful and committed to nonviolence, that intend to compete
for the Egyptian parliament and presidency. And we welcome, therefore, dialogue with
those Muslim Brotherhood members who wish to talk with us.’
Yet another example of the left’s „useful idiots’ considering the Brotherhood as just
another political party. Even an idiot (except for the left’s „useful idiots’) should be able
to understand that there is simply no way to make any sensible linkage between „parties
that are peaceful and committed to nonviolence’ with the Muslim Brotherhood’s often-
expressed goal of destroying Western Civilization and imposing Sharia law on us at
gunpoint. For Obama’s international spokesperson to legitimize a terrorist organization in
this way is both foolish and dangerous.
Muslim History, n. Barack Obama is fond of stating that Muslims have contributed a
great deal not only to the development of America, but to Western Civilization in sum.
Nonsense. It doesn’t take a super knowledge of twentieth century history to recognize
how much support the Arab Grand Mufti of Palestine gave to Nazi Germany. The Grand
Mufti was a socialist, as was Hitler. They both had more than a passing interest in
exterminating the Jews, whether those Jews resided in Germany or in the Holy Land.
We could do worse than recall the Balfour Declaration of 1922, which envisioned the
creation of two contiguous states in the Holy Land: one Jewish, and one Muslim. We
know how that panned out: Absolute rejection by the Arabs, leading to the creation of the
State of Israel in 1948, and attacks on the new Jewish State by the forces of the
surrounding Arab Nations: thus, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt.
There were two consequences of these attacks. One, Israel conquered and survived, and
two, the Palestinians were dispersed throughout the region, with absolutely no support
from the defeated Arab governments that had supposedly supported them. And now?
Other than the assassinated Anwar Sadat, what leader of a Muslim/Arab state has agreed
that Israel has a right to Exist? None. God Bless Benyamin Netanyehu.
And an afterthought. Barak Obama’s recent assertion that Muslim history is intimately
connected with American history is an absolute lie. How he would think that any
intelligent American would believe such nonsense lies absolutely beyond belief.-