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The author contends that over the past several years, America has gone off the rails. In the acerbic tradition of Ambrose Bierce and Henry Mencken, he focuses on an overweening federal government and its nanny state. He criticizes the therapeutic culture; the power of teacher unions; runaway federal spending that is bankrupting America; and much more, including bits of humor injected as leavening.

Tom Richey

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The author created a work that is very easy to pick up and read when time is limited, or when relaxing with a good book. I would find myself picking it up to read when I had only a few minutes and find myself reading for much longer than planned, finding it hard to put down. This is not a novel, nor is it a text book. This book is a glimpse into the mind of a thinker, a thinker that doesn’t mind letting one know what he is thinking. Other than the obvious backdrop of Conservatism, Objectivism, Laissez-faire Capitalism and Judeo-Christian leanings, there is no story line to keep track of. Instead, the author treats the reader to a panorama of short topics, arranged in alphabetical order and running the gambit from political science, current affairs, national and international figures, historical personalities and events, molecular biology, intelligent design vs. science, quantum mechanics, morality, religion and more little-known facts than I would have thought possible for one person to remember. And, once in a while you will suddenly find yourself laughing out loud as you read his humorous treatment of a topic. Knowing the author as I do, I can tell you there is no research in his writing. Each paragraph written in this book is from his memory, and I challenge anyone to find fault with anything he has written. If you have an opportunity, read this author’s work. You will be impressed, possibly enlightened, and assured there are still men of reason left in this world.


As a conservative I was in hawg heaven reading this. Haw

Steve Somers

Usual diatribe from a, doubtless, Tea Party member. That would be fine if it were a tenth as witty as Bierce. It's not

marilou syjueco

BUT A few pages into the book I realized the author does not like Obama. I will suspend judgment and try to still look into his real message. I like Obama. Ido not think he is a thief as insinuated in the entry for Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.


Jack W. Richey

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