The Duenna HTML version

SCENE I.--A Library in DON JEROME'S House.
Don Jer. Why, I never was so amazed in my life! Louisa gone off with Isaac Mendoza!
What! steal away with the very man whom I wanted her to marry--elope with her own
husband, as it were--it is impossible!
Ser. Her maid says, sir, they had your leave to walk in the garden, while you were
abroad. The door by the shrubbery was found open, and they have not been heard of
since. [Exit.]
Don Jer. Well, it is the most unaccountable affair! 'sdeath! there is certainly some
infernal mystery in it I can't comprehend!
Enter SECOND SERVANT, with a letter.
Ser. Here is a letter, sir, from Signor Isaac. [Exit.]
Don Jer. So, so, this will explain--ay, Isaac Mendoza--let me see-- [Reads.]
Dearest Sir,
You must, doubtless, be much surprised at my flight with your daughter!--yes, 'faith, and
well I may--I had the happiness to gain her heart at our first interview--The devil you
had!--But, she having unfortunately made a vow not to receive a husband from your
hands, I was obliged to comply with her whim!--So, so!--We shall shortly throw
ourselves at your feet, and I hope you will have a blessing ready for one, who will then be
your son-in-law. ISAAC MENDOZA.
A whim, hey? Why, the devil's in the girl, I think! This morning, she would die sooner
than have him, and before evening she runs away with him! Well, well, my will's
accomplished--let the motive be what it will--and the Portuguese, sure, will never deny to
fulfil the rest of the article.
Re-enter SERVANT, with another letter.
Ser. Sir, here's a man below, who says he brought this from my young lady, Donna
Louisa. [Exit.]