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The Persons Of The Play


Simone Gesso, Duke of Padua

Beatrice, his Wife

Andreas Pollajuolo, Cardinal of Padua

Maffio Petrucci,  }

Jeppo Vitellozzo, } Gentlemen of the Duke's Household

Taddeo Bardi,     }

Guido Ferranti, a Young Man

Ascanio Cristofano, his Friend

Count Moranzone, an Old Man

Bernardo Cavalcanti, Lord Justice of Padua

Hugo, the Headsman

Lucy, a Tire woman


Servants, Citizens, Soldiers, Monks, Falconers with their hawks and dogs, etc.


Place:  Padua

Time:  The latter half of the Sixteenth Century

Style of Architecture:   Italian, Gothic and Romanesque.




ACT I.  The Market Place of Padua (25 minutes).

ACT II.  Room in the Duke's Palace (36 minutes).

ACT III.  Corridor in the Duke's Palace (29 minutes).

ACT IV.  The Hall of Justice (31 minutes).

ACT V.  The Dungeon (25 minutes).