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fact, but a man can hope. Of course, one cannot apply dispassion to one’s own child but I
began to wonder and question the meaning of life all over again. It was my wife who
pulled me through that very dark time when science failed and there was no faith left to
help. Well, my wife is not really relevant to the story as such, although my daughter is,
very much so, but I give the background, as it may make what follows more credible.
Mr. Harris asked to see me one day in early April of this year. At that time he
wasn’t actually one of my patients but I assumed he had just moved in to the area and
was changing his doctor, as he changed his address. This proved to be the case, as he
explained, yet wasn’t totally the way of it.
’I hope you don’t mind my coming to you,’ he said. ’The fact is, I was told you
were an older man and were prepared to give a bit more time to your patients. It’s a rather
sensitive matter, you see, and I’m not sure I could explain it to a younger man.’
I put on my best expression of disinterest, knitted my fingers together and
leaned forward to listen. Quite what I expected to hear I couldn’t say, although I have
heard enough in my years in the profession to be able to say that I really have heard it all
before. Or so I thought. What he told me was so far outside of my experience that it
disturbed my sleep for several nights afterwards and indeed, disturbs my waking hours to
this day. For this reason, I thought it better to put it all down on paper, in the hope that I
can make some sense of it.
’Of course, I don’t really expect anyone to believe the whole story,’ said
Bernard Harris. ’It’s so fantastic; I can scarcely give credence to it myself. Here we all are,
scurrying about our daily business, coming and going as though the things we do are
important. Maybe they are, or maybe they just seem that way at the time. However, there
are other things going on, in the background, so to say, things normally unseen, only
dreamed about, existing in a world of fantasy. Or do they? Even now I’m by no means
certain. All I can be sure of are the facts, or what I think are facts. At least, certain things