The Dragon Ship HTML version

weather that Thor is accompanying our efforts with but still it is bracing no doubt
about that.” Leif smiled and he was glad to have such a man as this with him on
the expedition as he shouted his answer back. “Yes just a little blow still I can’t
say that I wouldn’t rather swap it for a roll in my bed with Freyja I can almost feel
her body now.”
Svart spat into the wind and watched it carry behind the ship before he
burst out laughing. “Why chain yourself to one woman when there are so many
that like a little pleasure all the time and there is plenty enough of me to share
round.” It was Leif’s turn to laugh now at his old friend. “I have seen you spread
yourself round old friend but for me now there is only Freyja and the children that
is what I want.” Svart looked as his best friend hauled on the tiller his arm
muscles tensing like knotted rope he knew that Leif was probably the best sailor
in the whole of their community and his fortune had smiled since they first
teamed up together. He shouted again. “Well I suppose if you had to tie yourself
to one woman then there is none better than Freyja I mean she is beautiful and
what a figure.” Leif butted in. “Thank you friend but I know that better than you or
at least I should.” Svart laughed and shouted. “Sorry old friend but you are right
and I was only paying her the finest compliment you know what I am like.” Leif
smiled and felt the current under the tiller shift a bit he pushed the tiller to match
it. Then he turned his head saying. “How are the men faring I’m hoping that this
storm will blow itself out in a day or so?” Svart shook his head. “Oh you know the
odd grumble here and there but they all know that they are sailing with the best
so they are content.” They held on tight as Odin’s Breath climbed another huge
wave and then glided down its other side and shook the water off like a homeless
The Dragon Ship sailed on and the storm did not abate in fact it got worst
if such a thing could happen now in the dawns light the size of the waves could
be clearly seen and they frightened a lot of the crew. But still the ship sailed on
and Leif although a little worried now knew that they could probably ride it out but
maybe the dark god Loki had other plans for them. They crested another wave
and Leif could see that on the other side the sea looked amazingly calm like the
fiord on a summer’s day he was a bit puzzled by this. The men cheered as the
ship reached this peaceful oasis in the middle of the storm but Svart came back
to the tiller his face a mask of taught disbelief. He reached Leif and pointed.
“Have you ever seen anything like this before because I haven’t it is not natural
old friend?” Leif looked at him shaking his head. “No you are right I have never
seen the sea change its mood so fast and in such a short distance there is
something not quite right here.” The rest of the crew were beginning to sense this
and an utter quite had descended on the ship there was no howling wind now
and the men were getting quite nervous. Leif shouted for lookouts at the bow and
on both sides of the ship and he even posted one to watch over the ships rear.
He handed the tiller over to an old timer called Ragnvald who took the tiller but
shook his head Leif asked. “Have you ever seen anything like this in your time
old man?” Ragnvald looked at him and shivered. “Never this is evil at work and