The Discovery of Witches HTML version

concerning that subject?
From neither of both, but from experience, which though it be
meanly esteemed of, yet the surest and safest way to judge by.
Quer. 4.
I pray where was this experience gained? and why gained by him
and not by others?
The Discoverer never travelled far for it, but in March 1644 he had
some seven or eight of that horrible sect of Witches living in the
Towne where he lived, a Towne in Essex called Maningtree, with
divers other adjacent Witches of other towns, who every six weeks
in the night (being alwayes on the Friday night) had their meeting
close by his house and had their severall solemne sacrifices there
offered to the Devill, one of which this discoverer heard speaking
to her Imps one night, and bid them goe to another Witch, who was
thereupon apprehended, and searched, by women who had for
many yeares knowne the Devills marks, and found to have three
teats about her, which honest women have not: so upon command
from the Justice they were to keep her from sleep two or three
nights, expecting in that time to see her familiars, which the fourth
night she called in by their severall names, and told them what
shapes, a quarter of an houre before they came in, there being ten
of us in the roome, the first she called was