The Discovery of Witches HTML version

Querie 1.
That he must needs be the greatest Witch, Sorcerer, and Wizzard
himselfe, else hee could not doe it.
If Satan's kingdome be divided against it selfe, how shall it stand?
Querie 2.
If he never went so farre as is before mentioned, yet for certaine he
met with the Devill, and cheated him of his Booke, wherein were
written all the Witches names in England, and if he looks on any
Witch, he can tell by her countenance what she is; so by this, his
helpe is from the Devill.
If he had been too hard for the devill and got his book, it had been
to his great commendation, and no disgrace at all: and for
judgement in Phisiognomie, he hath no more then any man else
Quer. 3.
From whence then proceeded this his skill? was it from his
profound learning, or from much reading of learned Authors