The Diet Tweak System HTML version
Burn an Extra 500 Calories Every Day
There is an expression that I would like you to learn right now. This is an
expression as well as a way of thinking that you must get in your head and it will
help you in all areas of your weight loss journey. It will help you to reach your
Whether you want to lose a few pounds, or if you want to completely transform
your body. The mentality I want you to program inside your circuitry is this:
I'm Leaner and More Fit Today Than I was Yesterday
This simple, 10 Word Sentence is more powerful to you than anything else in this
guide. This sentence should be printed and kept with you at all times. It should be
your Mantra for the duration you spend on achieving your weight loss goals.
Failure to lose weight is as simple as being in the wrong mindset. The same could
be said about completely transforming your body to that of the physical
appearance you wish to achieve. You mindset plays a crucial role!!!
Believing the sentence above can, will and should become something you say at
every meal, each time you wake in the morning, or before you shut your eyes to
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