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The Devil Chapte r One
The Weston Siste rs
"Cassie get the last box from the kitchen" Kelsey said trying to put another box in the trunk of the car.
Cassandra walked into the empty house and pick up the last box before she took a look around. Goodbye
West Virginia and hello Brooksfield, Connecticut she thoughts as she began walking out the now empty
house. She put the box on the floor of the car and sadly smiled at her younger sister Rebecca. Cassandra
felt bad that the three had to leave another home because Kelsey’s job makes them move around more
than other families. According to Kelsey who is the eldest sister this is the last time they would have to
leave considering Cassie was senior in high school and Rebecca was now a freshman. They got in the car
and Kelsey started to drive towards the high way. “How far is it?” Asked Rebecca who was resting her
head against the window in the back seat.
“It’s about 11 hours away” Kelsey answered as she turned on the A.C in the car
“Can I sleep?” She asked making the sister's nod. You can feel the awkward tension in the air of the car
with each word that was spoken.
“Sure Becky” She nodded and rested her head against the pillow she had brought with her in the back and
covered herself with her blanket. Cassandra turned on the IPod she always kept in her pocket and started
to listen to Through the dark by One Direction. She don’t usually listen to this song but it’s on a playlist
that Rebecca and her made for the trip so she don’t really want to skip it because the list was limited. Her
eyes started to slowly close and she rested her head against the car window putting her legs on the seat in
a tucked position. Soon she'll be at the new home even if it was against her will. She wondered if it’s any
different than the last place they were at. Cassie didn’t really talk to anyone in the town back in West
Virgina were they had lived because she knew it was only a matter of time before they were going to
move again but Kelsey promised the two girls that this time they were going to stay which means this can
probably be a good start to make some friends for Cassie.
“Cass wake up, were here” She tried pushing away her sister only to have the car door open. Almost
falling out the car considering the fact that Kelsey unbuckled her seatbelt when they first got to the house.
She huffed before moving in the seat.
“Ugh whatever” She mumbled before opening her eyes. Both her sister’s started laughing as she flipped
them off, got a box and walked inside the house. Taking a look around she smiled lightly, it was nice she
had to admit that. Nothing was a boring brown color. Kelsey wanted everything black and white. The
walls had black polka dots and they had one couch white and another black, the kitchen had white
cabinets and a black countertop. Everything was amazingly beautiful.
“Stop looking and go get another box. Kelsey wants this done before we go to dinner” Cassandra nodded
my head as she walked out to the car. Grabbing another box and bringing it into the house they fina lly got
everything out the car within’ the hour.
“Let’s shower, change and go get dinner” Kelsey said making the two sister nod and walk into each of the
bathrooms to take a quick shower. Cassie got out the shower and got changed into black skinny jeans, a