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Cafes and Snacks
This section covers cafés , coffee bars , ice-cream parlours
and tearooms , all of which you'll find open during the day for
light snacks or just a drink. Some of them also provide full
evening meals, and, as they make no pretence to being full-on
restaurants, you can use them for an inexpensive or quick bite
before going out to a theatre, cinema or club.
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The listings here cover the full range, from unreconstructed
workers cafés, where you can get traditional English breakfasts,
fish and chips, pies and other calorific treats, to the refined
salons of London's top hotels, where you can enjoy an
Afternoon Tea blowout
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London is a great place in which to eat out . You can sample
more or less any kind of cuisine here, and, wherever you come
from, you should find something new and quite possibly unique.
Home to some of the best Cantonese restaurants in the whole of
Europe, London is also a noted centre for Indian and
Bangladeshi food, and has numerous French, Greek, Italian,
Japanese, Spanish and Thai restaurants; and within all these
cuisines, you can choose anything from simple meals to
gourmet spreads. Traditional and modern British food is
available all over town, and we've reviewed some of the best
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Another bonus is that there are plenty of places to eat around
the main tourist drags of the West End: Soho has long been
renowned for its eclectic and fashionable restaurants - and new
eateries appear here every month - while Chinatown , on the
other side of Shaftesbury Avenue, offers value-for-money eating
right in the centre of town.
Many of the restaurants we've listed will be busy on most nights
of the week, particularly on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and
you're best advised to reserve a table wherever you're headed.
The majority of places take major credit cards, such as Visa,
MasterCard and Amex; in the listings, we've simply noted those
that don't.
As for prices , you can pay an awful lot for a meal in London,
and if you're used to North American portions, you're not going
to be particularly impressed by the volume in most places. In the
listings, we've quoted the minimum you can get away with