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Tickets must be bought in advance from the machines or
booths in station entrance halls; if you cannot produce a valid
ticket, you will be charged an on-the-spot Penalty Fare of £10. A
single journey in the central zone costs an unbelievable £1.50; a
Carnet of ten tickets costs £11. If you're intending to travel
about a lot, however, a Travelcard is by far your best bet.
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Tickets for all bus journeys within, to or from the central zone
costs a flat fare of £1; journeys outside the central zone cost
70p. Normally you pay the driver on entering, but some routes
are covered by older Routemaster buses, staffed by a conductor
and with an open rear platform. Note that at request stops
(easily recognizable by their red sign) you must stick your arm
out to hail the bus you want. In addition to the Travelcards, a
One-Day Bus Pass is also available and can be used before
9.30am; it costs £3 for zones 1 and 2.
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Regular buses run between about 6am and midnight; night
buses (prefixed with the letter "N") operate outside this period.
Night bus routes radiate out from Trafalgar Square at hourly
intervals, more frequently on some routes and on Friday and
Saturday nights. Fares are a flat £1.50 from central London; only
weekly, monthly or yearly Travelcards are valid on these.
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Suburban Trains
Large areas of London's suburbs are best reached by the
suburban train network (Travelcards valid). Wherever a sight
can only be reached by overground train, we've indicated the
nearest train station and the central terminus from which you
must depart. If you're planning to use the railway network a lot,
you might want to purchase a Network Railcard , which is valid
for a year, costs £20, and gives you up to 34 percent discount
on fares to destinations in and around the southeast. To find out
about a particular service, phone National Rail Enquiries on
If you're in a group of three or more, London's metered black
cabs can be an economical way of getting around the centre - a
ride from Euston to Victoria, for example, should cost around
£10. A yellow light over the windscreen tells you if the cab is
available - just stick your arm out to hail it. (If you want to book
one in advance, call 020/7272 0272.)