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An Internet Marketer that markets a Product on behalf of another person or company (the Product
Owner) in a mutually beneficial arrangement where the product owner generates a sale for the
affiliate’s efforts of providing Traffic. The affiliate earns a commission for the sale. See Affiliate
Affiliate Army
A group of people that Product Owners recruit to drive Traffic to their Offer in exchange for
rewarding them with commissions.
Affiliate Link
A special link that generates a Cookie which identifies the Affiliate and the Product Owner once it
has been clicked. This enables both the affiliate and the product owner to be paid for a sale.
Affiliate Marketer
A marketer who sells someone else’s product by sending Traffic in return for a commission. See
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is the most popular Internet Marketing activity. It is an attractive proposition for
so many as it is promoting products that other people have created in exchange for a commission on
each sale. A Product Owner only needs to pay the Affiliate commission for each sale the affiliate
Affiliate Toolbox
A collection of tools provided to affiliates to assist them in their promotional efforts. These can
include banner ads, swipe emails, tweets, sig files, articles, blog posts and PPC ads.
An acronym that stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and Extensible Markup Language which is a
programming language that allows for the dynamic changes of Web Pages in real time. Facebook is a
popular example of this.
Alt Tags
Tags that are given to images to label the images so they appear on image search results. Giving Tags
to images on Web Pages increases the page’s relevancy and Organic listing in the Search Engines.
Anchor Text
A Hyperlink embedded within a keyword phrase.
The Definitive Internet Marketing Glossary
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