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Internet Marketing Glossary
The following Internet Marketing Glossary is a list of terms that you may hear banded about in the
world of Internet Marketing. These terms may also be used in other areas, however the definitions
provided are ones recognised by the Internet Marketing industry at large. I have written the
definitions from the viewpoint of an Internet Marketer.
It is worth noting that you DO NOT need to understand every term here to be successful in Internet
Marketing but it can help you to become a perceived authority in your market and the knowledge
will help you to think like an Internet Marketer.
A type of mobile network that offers increased speeds which are useful for Downloading
informational content. 3G is usually used by handheld mobile Devices such as Smart Phones such as
iPhones, Blackberries, Androids and other devices such as Apple’s iPad.
Above The Fold
What is seen on a web page as soon as someone lands on it. This is the area of a web page that must
grab the attention of the visitor.
A/B Split Testing
The process of scientifically testing one variable against another to see which performs best. See
also Split Testing.
An ad serving programme operated by Google that enables Website owners to earn an income by
displaying adverts on their website. Adverts placed on websites are known as being on the Content
An arrangement between two Internet Marketers (or internet marketing parties) where one
internet marketer mails their email subscriber List with an offer in exchange for their AdSwap
partner reciprocating by emailing their list with your offer. The objective is that both parties must
benefit from the arrangement.
Google’s advertising offering where advertisers can choose to advertise on Google’s search engine
results (Search Network) or on participating websites (Content Network). See Adsense above.
The Definitive Internet Marketing Glossary
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