The Death of St. Valentine


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Book Description

For some Valentines Day is just a reminder of a bloody event in History. For others it's a beautiful day filled with romance, candlelight, flowers and love. For others still, its a bitter reminder of the loneliness they feel every day. Make up your own mind how you feel.


Kalisto Barques

I’m happy and proud to call the high desert my home. The fresh mountain air, the wide-open spaces, and a healthy dose of life serve to offer inspiration for my work. I began seriously writing when I was thirteen. In the beginning I wrote simply for my own enjoyment, and because I had a burning need to write. When I turned nineteen I began writing with publication in mind. I attended a correspondence course on writing for children. While the course gave me great insight into what the children’s publishing market is looking for, it showed me that writing for children is not my real passion. I write for the not so average adult reader, which kind of makes me a round peg in a square hole. I love to tell a story, but most of all I love to tell a romantic story. And so for the last nine years I have been putting my talent to use. I am a published poet with five poems to my name. I currently reside in my hometown with my wonderful spouses, two children, loved ones, and a vast array of friends. Though a great deal of loss has colored my life, I consider myself blessed to be where I am today.

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