The Death of Email Marketing HTML version

I know You… You are sick and tired of chasing online income and wondering
after so many months or years and so many dollars spent, why you are still not
I know You… You are tired of all those awesome looking pre-launch videos
that seem to get magically promoted simultaneously then all lead to a
disappointing $2,000 dollar price tag during video number four!
I know You… You can tell that something is amiss and just doesn’t feel right
about seemingly perfectly timed and coordinated product launches and promises
of a new and better way to earn income online.
I know You… Your credit card balance is ten times as large as the biggest
single month of earnings you have made online.
I know You… You get conflicting advice from every single Guru and then
scratch your head when they promote each other’s conflicting products and
I know You… At the end of the day you just can’t seem to decide what niche,
or market to follow and worse have no idea how to create a compelling product
even if you do decide!
I know You… Along each step of the way, you become more cynical and less
hopeful, less inspired and less able to afford the next bright shiny object that’s
on the syndicate’s launch calendar!
I know You… The “Hail Mary” pass that could save it all and turn it all around
has come and gone and still, no long term wealth, no free time, less time spent
doing the important things in life that don’t involve chasing money.
I know You… because I am you, and I know how gut wrenching it can be to
chase your dreams at the expense of personal relationships, marriages, health,
and bottom line happiness!
I know You… because you are my customer and list subscriber and in spite of
the fact that some have gone on to create true wealth online, the majority of you
have not, and you are struggling.
Struggling to pay the mortgage, to keep the family afloat, to spend time with the
ones you love and maybe even carve out some personal time for yourself all
while trying to win at this game of online marketing.
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