The Dastardly Mr Winkle Meets His Match HTML version

Her name was Mary.
The rest, as considered in some circles, is history, or as considered in
other circle, myth. All of this was kept extremely secret after the first incarnation
(he had a bit of a hard time with torture and being nailed to crosses) save for a
select few. The Green Man took the Earthly title of the Sion (which was primarily
a nick-name but it just kinda stuck) and those closest to him were known as his
One day, almost 2 thousand years since the green man had come to
Earth, a child was born to some freethinking hippies called the Winkles. They
were the type of people who made up their own names. They named their child
Shoop (a word they believed should be the singular word for sheep. If there was
more than one goose they were geese, so why not one shoop and many sheep.
As I said, they were hippies and had messed around with a few too many
psychotropic substances).
Something rather upsetting happened in Shoop Winkle’s childhood that
stayed with him for the rest of his life. It involved a death and a séance and he
used it as an excuse to be a destructive, miserable and a sneaky sod ever since,
happily annihilating everything even remotely strange that crossed his path.
It seemed to work quite well for him, so he stuck with it.
Shoop Winkle had no knowledge of the Sion and the Priory, which was
probably for the best.