The Dastardly Mr Winkle Meets His Match HTML version

He was kept alive through the millions of years of his existence by
inseminating willing hosts with his soul. For the largest part, these hosts were of
his own race. The green man’s people had long since been able to surgically
remove the soul using interesting looking bits of coiled metal, sticks and phlegm.
Each incarnation would receive the teachings of the last and seek to improve on
them to help the universe understand itself better. This was his life’s work and
his life had lasted for age upon age.
He would often pop back to Earth to see how we were doing and
frequently marvelled at how far his little science project had gone. On occasion
he would manipulate things and creatures, just sort of tweak everything a little so
as to speed the evolutionary process.
The reptile era seemed very promising until a huge meteor set the project
back a few million years. Clearly the universe had decided that it preferred
mammals as the dominant species on the planet, and who was he to argue with
the universe?
After the dinosaur’s extinction all went relatively well. He spent a few
million years away and when he came back, to his great surprise, he found some
monkeys, monkeys that used tools and showed great promise. In fact, his
experiment went so well after that, that one-day he decided to spend a few
incarnations experiencing the planet first hand. With this in mind he randomly
picked a willing young woman to receive his seed and artificially inseminated her.
She lived in Nazareth.