The Dastardly Mr Winkle Meets His Match HTML version

Thousands of years ago, before the, Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish and
Christian beliefs were born. Before the gods of Rome, Egypt and Greece were
called forth, before writing, before any of the Earth’s civilisations, even before
man was a pack of nomadic hairy tribes, the Green Man over-saw all.
The Green Man breathed life into the Earth. The Green man made all and
yet the Green Man was no God. He created life on our planet as part of a
science project in his early school years. The Green Man was born into a people
who travelled the stars, expanding their knowledge and in so doing, expanded
the universal consciousness.
They didn’t hold belief as they had long since advanced beyond it; instead
they held knowledge. They held the knowledge that all things were part of the
great universal machine and that this machine was just part of a greater network
of alternative realities and universes. They knew that they existed inside just one
particular universe experiencing itself subjectively. All was joined and all had
The Green Man wanted to create more life in the cosmos so that he could
increase the universe’s experience of itself, or in other words, he wanted to
increase the universes productivity, to speed things up a tad. He was a visionary
with a mind unlike any other.
For Millennia the simpletons on Earth praised his work.