The Daisy Chain or Aspirations HTML version

Chapter I.9
For the structure that we raise,
Time is with materials filled;
Our to-days and yesterdays,
Are the blocks which we build.
Truly shape and fashion these,
Leave no yawning gaps between;
Think not, because no man sees,
Such things will remain unseen.--LONGFELLOW.
When Ethel came home, burning with the tidings of the newly-excited hopes
for Cocksmoor, they were at once stopped by Margaret eagerly saying, "Is
Richard come in? pray call him;" then on his entrance, "Oh, Richard, would
you be so kind as to take this to the bank. I don't like to send it by any one
else--it is so much;" and she took from under her pillows a velvet bag, so
heavy, that it weighed down her slender white hand.
"What, he has given you the care of his money?" said Ethel.
"Yes; I saw him turning something out of his waistcoat-pocket into the drawer
of the looking-glass, and sighing in that very sad way. He said his fees had
come to such an accumulation that he must see about sending them to the
bank; and then he told me of the delight of throwing his first fee into dear
mamma's lap, when they were just married, and his old uncle had given up to
him, and how he had brought them to her ever since; he said she had spoiled
him by taking all trouble off his hands. He looked at it, as if it was so
sorrowful to him to have to dispose of it, that I begged him not to plague
himself any more, but let me see about it, as dear mamma used to do; so he
said I was spoiling him too, but he brought me the drawer, and emptied it out
here: when he was gone, I packed it up, and I have been waiting to ask
Richard to take it all to the bank, out of his sight."
"You counted it?" said Richard.
"Yes--there's fifty--I kept seventeen towards the week's expenses. Just see
that it is right," said Margaret, showing her neat packets.
"Oh, Ritchie," said Ethel, "what can expense signify, when all that has been
kicking about loose in an open drawer? What would not one of those rolls
"I think I had better take them out of your way," said Richard quietly. "Am I
to bring back the book to you, Margaret?"