The Daisy Chain or Aspirations HTML version

Chapter II.5
As late, engaged by fancy's dream,
I lay beside a rapid stream,
I saw my first come gliding by,
Its airy form soon caught my eye;
Its texture frail, and colour various,
Like human hopes, and life precarious.
Sudden, my second caught my ear,
And filled my soul with constant fear;
I quickly rose, and home I ran,
My whole was hissing in the pan.--Riddle.
Flora revised the letter to the principal, and the Ladies' Committee approved,
after having proposed seven amendments, all of which Flora caused to topple
over by their own weakness.
After interval sufficient to render the nine ladies very anxious, the principal
wrote from Scotland, where he was spending the Long Vacation, and
informed them that their request should he laid before the next college
After the committee had sat upon this letter, the two sisters walked home in
much greater harmony than after the former meeting. Etheldred had
recovered her candour, and was willing to own that it was not art, but good
sense, that gave her sister so much ascendancy. She began to be hopeful,
and to declare that Flora might yet do something even with the ladies. Flora
was gratified by the approval that no one in the house could help valuing;
"Positively," said Flora, "I believe I may in time. You see there are different
ways of acting, as an authority, or as an equal."
"The authority can move from without, the equal must from within," said
"Just so. We must circumvent their prejudices, instead of trying to beat them
"If you only could have the proper catechising restored!"
"Wait; you will see. Let me feel my ground."
"Or if we could only abdicate into the hands of the rightful power!"
"The rightful power would not be much obliged to you."