The Cursed HTML version

1. WHO
The time ticks. The breeze seems still. It was dark. Bit by
bit the air seems to thin. My breathing became hard.
Whatever I felt all this while was known. The tap was close
tightly but the drop kept on dropping. Tick…ticks…tick…It
sounded so near.
Each drop of water was not just a drop of water from the
tap. Its meaning was mere drops but more than that. I could
barely hold this pen. Each word I’m writing is a beat from my
A black heart. Sin was in my blood.
Ahhhhhhhhhh……..arghhhhhh!!!. Why did he come? Who
was he after? Who send him here? Where was he from?
What does he need or what does he want?. It keeps haunting
I first got to know him in the year of the tiger. The tiger is
a fierce animal. Based on the Chinese calendar, the tiger is
one of the strongest zodiacs. Among the twelve zodiacs, the
tiger falls in 3rd from the zodiac hierarchy. He came on the 3rd
July. Looking at him the first time, I felt something was not