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Copyri ght ©2012 by John Jebanesan
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Re d Productions is a di vision of Tiamore
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Fi rs t published in ha rdcove r in Octobe r 2012 by Red Productions
The cha ra cte rs and e vents portra yed in this book a re based on true e vents .
Any simila ri ty to the real pe rson, li ving or dead is coincidental and not
intended by the author.
Libra ry of Congress Ca taloging-in-Publica tion Data
John Je banesan, 2012
The Cursed : a novel / by John Je banesan --- 1st ed.
Summa ry: When John finds out s trange things happening a round him, he
tries to find out the truth be hind the s trange e ve nts .
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[1. Demons --- Horror. 2. Famil y --- Horror. 3. Friend --- Horror. 4. Myth ---
Horror. ] Title .
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