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The Culling
by Den Warren
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"You know Accura, you'd think that in the year 2216, garbage wouldn't stink
anymore," Mark said.
Accura wasn't really paying attention. He saw a figure moving around in the
early hours. He just shook his head in disapproval. A guy who was clearly a clone
walked by them as they collected the garbage for the City. You could just tell a
clone when you saw them. Clones were just too perfect looking. They did not have
individualism or creativity. It was like they were trying to hide something sinister
in all that perfection. Besides, why was this clone, or anyone els e, out so early in
the morning?
"Hey Mark," Accura said, under his breath, "maybe that guy over there will
come over here and show us how dumping this crap is supposed to be done. I
ought to say something to him."
Mark said, "No, Accura. Bad idea. You want to get in trouble with the
Sensitivity Compliance Officers?"
"Well. . .I hate the SCOs and the clones. They can all just to take a flying. . ."
"Why? They never asked to be born? Just like you and me."
"Why hate them!? They take all of the decent jobs! Because of them, none
of us non-engineered are ever treated like anything other than like this freakin'
garbage!" Accura slammed the aluminum garbage can into the side of the truck.
Neighborhood dogs started barking. The can had a big gash in it. "What the hell?!
You'd think we were the ones who were some kind of damn freaks or something!"
Mark said, "To the clones, we are some kind of freaks. The clones are raised
to make things better, and we need the people. We don't have to do all of the high-
stress work anymore. By the way, did you get the message on the PID last night
about the clone recall by the UCA?"
The news had come over the Public Information Devices that the Universal
Cloning Authority was going to cull one of their clone cultivar series. Each series
could mean hundreds of healthy individuals would have to be exterminated. Those
of the series who were being rejected, were only rejected because they had
potential susceptibility to certain viral infections. This mass annihilati on of
humans was not unprecedented. In fact, it was not all that uncommon. But the
UCA did not make a habit out of airing their dirty business in public, so it was