The Credit Info - Repair Kit HTML version

Within the past few years, the words, “free credit report” have been so
misused that most people have been led to believe that there is no such thing as a
free credit report. They believe that if you want to view your free credit reports
that you’ll first have to pay a fee to sign up for some kind of monthly or yearly
service. Although most companies and businesses want to charge you a fee for
getting to your credit reports you are actually entitled to receive a free copy of
them from each of the major credit bureaus once every year.
This book is going to help you to not make the mistake of paying to see
your own credit when you can do it yourself at no cost. You will also learn how to
repair your credit by disputing incorrect information on your credit files which, in
turn, should help to increase your credit score. Monitoring and fixing your credit
reports is just one more example of a service that so many businesses want to
charge you a fee for when you can do it yourself entirely free of charge, aside
from the cost of a few envelopes and stamps. Combine your envelopes and
stamps with a little bit of your time and you could soon be an expert at repairing
your own credit.