The Creatures that History Forgot HTML version

“Yeah, I do actually,”
“Well then I am sure you will do fine.” my mother said dusting some loose hair off my
outfit with a practiced hand.
“Then I will prepare to leave in a few days.” I said turning to my mother who stared at me,
obviously confused.
“Leave?” she asked as a sense of fear began to build in her voice.
“Um you remember I told you I want to learn more about the humans?” I remi nded her as
she slowly bobbed her head in agreement.
“Oh yes… of course, but be careful.” she stammered as I thought about how pleased the
kids would be to see me again so soon. I missed their company for they were my only friends.
They were the only ones who understood me and completely dissociated from me from my title
as leader.
“Don’t worry I can take care of myself now.” I stated as my mother looked back at me.
“You sure can, well when you are ready to leave I will be waiting with the royal guards.” my
mother announced then rushed out of the room.
“May I enter, your Majesty?” someone asked as I turned to see Maya peeking behind the
door, which my mother carelessly left open.
“Yes I wish to speak with you,” I said as Maya bowed then hurried over to me.
“Yes, your majesty,”
“I now understand what it means to be wise,”
“You do?”
“Yes, when I was looking for my mother’s cure I learned that information is extreme vital to
success. I think wisdom is a great respect for knowledge gained by experience and the
understanding of the significance of that knowledge.”
“Yes I believe that is correct for knowledge is meaningless if it is not evaluated,”
“Thank you wise one but why did you come here anyway?”
“I came merely to congratulate you on your success. You saved us all and I thank you.”
“Giving up was not an option so I had no choice. I had to succeed.”
”Well I am thankful all the same.”
“Let’s leave. I have an important announcement to make.”
“Of course your majesty,” Maya said bowing as I hurried out the room to join my mother
and the royal guards, who quickly got in to formation. I led the way with my blade raised. My
mother followed close behind as the guards encircled us, rushing about our feet. T he Death
Stalkers joined the procession when it passed them by after gaining affirmation from me. Dabu
walked silently beside me but I knew he was proud to be in my company.
Our group stopped when we saw the others gathered around the great central light to sing
our anthem proudly in remembrance of our species. Its lyrics echoed from past generations,
powerful and unc hanging like the passage of time always marching forward.