The Creatures that History Forgot HTML version

“I respect you Merula as a warrior but I will never support you as a leader.” she said
fearlessly when Merula rushed over to her snarling, raised on her hind legs. She stood over my
mother with her tail raised high so it peeked over her shoulder. Her crea m and white fur stood
on end as she looked down at my mother with her steely grey eyes.
“Kyzudo is dead. Someone must lead the people.” Merula stated firmly as my mother
looked up at her with cold defiant eyes.
“But I rather it not be you,” she said when Merula whipped her tail behind her as she bared
her teeth.
“You fool!” Merula yelled when the Death Stalkers rushed in front of my mother.
“Sanoka is ill. She is no threat to you.” Dabu explained.
”Fine but she better learn her place.” Merula snarled as she turned away.
“Ha look at the royals squabbling for power. It is barbaric but we are more advanced than
that. We should abandon tradition and allow anyone to rule.” Syrugia said as her followers
formed an uproar of yipping
“No, I will not allow it.” my mother growled as Syrugia turned to her.
“Allow? I don’t need your permission.” Syrugia continued as my mother raised her blade
then pointed it at Syrugia’s throat. The toes of her injured leg were hovering an inch or so off
the ground as she balanced herself on one leg.
“I will not allow for you to do away with tradition because that is all the people have.” she
said as Syrugia flicked her dark brown tail.
“There will be no more classes. Anyone can be the next leader. I offer freedom”
“No one can be allowed to have complete power or the others will suffer. Our traditions
protect the people’s rights.” Mom stated as Syrugia began to circle her with her blue eyes
following her every move.
“We should set our own rules. We don’t have to listen to you anymore.” Syrugia yelled as
she pounced toward my mother, causing her to lose her balance. The blade fell from her hand
as the Death Stalkers fought to defend her which caused Syrugia’s followers to rush forward.
The followers of Merula quickly joined in the fray to fend to off Syrugia’s supporters. This was
just the beginning of a bloody war.
“I am coming Mom!” I yelled as I ran pass the crowd on my hind legs with my blade raised.
Many people stopped to watch me in a state of wonderment and confusion.
I pushed my way through the mass of people wrestling each other with exposed fangs
inching toward the other’s throat. The Death Stalkers were now widely spread as they tried to
restore peace. Syrugia was battling my mother who was faring well even though she was
unarmed and was forced to limp about. Her movements were fast and left Syrugia dazed but
the tables were turned when she found my mother’s blade. She swung it wildly as my mother
backed away.