The Creatures that History Forgot HTML version

“He promised to take care of me. He was working through his retirement to care for me
when no one else would. I know he did not seem very compassionate but he cared.”
“I sorry,”
“He worked so hard. He was not very affectionate but he must have cared a great deal
about me. He was always tired but he never showed it. He just kept working. T hat’s why he
drank because he needed to cope with all the stress. If he did not have to work so hard he
would still be alive. It is my fault he is dead.”
“He like my mother.”
“Your mother?”
“She had to lead people. She show no pain but she get hurt. She do it for the people and
for me. She like your Gra nd Pappy, she work for greater good even with suffering.”
“She sounds like Grand Pappy, self-sacrificing and hard working.”
“Yeah he show love with work.”
“Then his love will truly be missed. He was probable the only one that loved me because he
cared for me when no one else would. Now I am alone.”
“Terry there you are. Wait is that Kyzudo?” Erika said as I peeked out of the corn.
“Come on I should take you to the garage before someone sees you.” Terry said as I
followed him across the lawn as Erika rushed back to her house.
“I need to tellt Rita.” she called before she vanished inside the house. Terry opened the
door as I rushed inside. I sat in the dog bed as Terry pulled out a box.
“Here this is yours.” Terry said handing me my pack.
“Thanks,” I said as he sat on the floor a few yards away. “Where you stay now?”
“Erika and Rita’s mom is really close to Granny so she decided to take me in since she has
an extra room in the basement.”
“So not alone,”
“I guess not. I mean I grew up with Erika and Rita so I almost think of them as being my
sisters. They are almost like family to me.”
“Good you have family.”
“Yeah you are right.”
“Fluffy!” Rita screamed as Erika stood by the open door.
“How did you escape?” Erika asked as I unzipped my pack then took out my last piece of
cured pigeon meat.
“I jam lock.” I answered as I raised the meat to my mouth.
“Smart,” Erika said as Rita stared at the unwrapped meat.
“Ew, that looks nasty.” Rita announced.
“It not.” I said after taking a large bite sending small chunks of meat flying.