The Creatures that History Forgot HTML version

A few of the pigeons nibbled on the bread when I pounced from the dumpster. The birds
scatted waddling away on their plump pink legs as I swiftly grabbed one that raised its wings in
an effort to escape but my fingers were soon constricting around its chest. In one simple
movement I snapped its neck. The bird went limp as I licked my lips.
I began plucking the bird’s feathers but soon I became frustrated when I saw a pile of rusty
poles leaning against the dumpster. I picked up one with a jagged end then stabbed a fold of
the birds flesh until its skin ripped. I easily pulled the skin away from the body. The skin fitted
like tight clothing, which I tore away before I pulled out the entrails. Lastly I cut off its head with
the sharp end of the rod then I lifted the body pleased with myself for I never skinned and
gutted my own food before.
My long fangs tore into the meat that was laced with strings of fat. Hidden bones crunched
between my molars as I spit the pieces out. Blood leaked onto my fingers staining my nails a
deep red. I licked around its small vertebra wishing for more when I heard something behind
I turned to see a monstrously large dog with a square head and powerful jaws. It stood just
taller than me on all fours and its body was swollen with toned muscle. Its black fur invited the
shadows to wash over him. He was a horrifying beast but I dare not leave this alley in broad
daylight. I need to hold my ground I thought picking up the rusty pole I discarded then raised it
to the dog’s broad chest.
The dog growled then crept forwa rd when I slammed my metal staff into i ts head. The
beast staggered shaking it head, flinging gobs of saliva from its fleshy mouth before lunging at
me, enraged. Its powerful jaws snapped shut as great jagged molars interlocked, ensnaring the
unlucky air as I stepped to the side smartly hitting one of the dog’s front legs with the rod.
There was the sound of bone giving way as the dog yelped, pulling its leg close to its massive
body as if to protect it from farther harm.
The dog growled angrily then began to circle me but I quickly jabbed it in the abdomen.
The dog whimpered as blood rushed from the wound staining the surrounding fur. A growl
hissed through my teeth as I raise my tail high over my shoulders when the dog finally backed
away whining. I lowered the rusty pole for victory was mine.
I allowed the metal pole to clatter onto the ground as I ate whatever remained of my kill
before I searched for a place to sleep for the day but my eyes drifted back to the blood tipped
pole that I used to chase off that dog. That dog was vicious and I would not have been able to
defeat him a few weeks ago. It seems that I am no longer the same naïve pup I once was.
Somewhere during this trek a warrior was formed. A warrior born from need and shaped by
danger I fearlessly march forth into the unknown challenging anything that dares stand in my
way. Now I know I am Sanoka’s daughter, now I know a warrior’s blood rushes through my
veins and passes through my heart. Now I know within me resides the mentality of a warrior
that is needed to lead my people. Now I know I shall not fail.