The Creatures that History Forgot HTML version

Rita ran her warm hand down my spine as I watched Erika through my eyelashes. She was
standing by the door but her eyes often drifted to the darkened window. Terry was leaning
against the table where my pack was hidden under as he stared at me with eerie eyes that were
devoid of all emotion.
“It is time to go. It is dark and everyone is in the house.” Erika said as I raised my head.
“Kyzudo you know there is still time to back out.” Terry reminded me as I grunted then got
to my feet.
“I need do this. No choice.”
“You must know how this is going to end.” Terry told me but I did not even look in his
“I need cure. No choice.”
“Ok I will be standing by.” Terry said as I glanced at my pack. I was almost tempted to bring
my blade but I knew that would only make ma tters worst. Even if I chose to hide it in my pack
to defend myself if their mother did attack me I doubted that I could defeat her since I was a
poor swordsman, due to the fact that I have never been trained and the pack would drastically
slow me down and agility was my only aptitude. I must go only armed with my superior speed
and my pleading eyes brimmi ng with the sorrow of my people.
“I will lead the way!” Rita exclaimed leaping onto her feet then racing over to the door. She
opened it as the rest of us gathered around. Erika boldly stepped out into the yard.
The luminous light of the great orb was lost but the sky did not appear solid. It was a deep
blue shrouded in thin masses that reminded me of clumps of fine fiber that was used to stuff
cushions. Small points of yellow light drifted from the grass blinking in and out of existence. It
was as if the great orb of light had become a shifting mass of sparkling airborne particles.
“Come on our house is this way.” Rita said as I stepped out into the opened as I watched
one of the small yellow lights glide in front of me. It was a bug that glowed as if by magic.
“Good luck,” Terry whispered as I nodded then followed the girls to the other yard. They
led me to the back door as Terry watched us, standing by the storage structure that I almost
thought of as my second home.
Erika opened the door as light fell upon me and the others. I backed away into the shadows
suddenly unsure when Rita ran inside then turned to smile at me. She extended her hand then
flexed a single finger to herself as I forced myself to step over the threshold. I kept to the walls
as Erika closed the door then left in search of her mother.
I looked down a line of wooden storage compartment built into the wall to a table that felt
safe for it cast a protective shadow under it broad work surface. I cowered underneath it as Rita
sat on the tiled floor beside me.
“Come on Mom I have someone I woul d like you to meet.” Erika said leading her mother
into the room by her arm.