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“I won’t let her hurt Fluffy”. Rita said as Erika nodded.
“I don’t think this is a good idea,” Terry continued as I growled.
“I need plan.” I said but he still did not understand how desperate I was. He could not
possibly understand how much pressure I was under.
“Maybe you should think of another plan.” he said as I raised my tail.
“No time mother need cure.” I said as he finally nodded.
“Fine then, I wish you luck,” he said as the girls smiled at him pleased.
“So when are you going to meet Mom?” Erika asked as I thought about that.
“In evening great light orb will fall and dark ceiling return. It safe. I follow you. No see by
others.” I said as Erika nodded.
“Ok you can follow us home.” Erika told me as I dipped my head.
“Yes I follow.” I agreed
“Fluffy is coming home with us!” Rita exclaimed leaping to her feet before spinning around
with Kiki swinging wildly in her arms.
“Please Kyzudo tell me if something goes wrong.” Terry pleaded kneeling beside me.
“How?” I asked smelling the scent of fear that clung to his skin and hid within his eyes.
“I don’t know send Erika to get me.” Terry said as I nodded slowly.
“Ok.” I agreed as he tenderly touched my shoulder smiling weakly.
“Then we will see Mom in a few hours.” Erika said as I looked at Terry who stared at me
with this blank dead expressionless face and eyes that seemed to be made of glass. I looked
away my eyes falling on my pack. Inside I knew my mother’s blade rested amount whatever
remained of the meat. I could not bring it with me or I would frighten the girls’ mother yet I
needed to make sure it was in good hands, it was my only connection to home.
“Um Terry you watc h pack.” I asked as Terry walked over to the pack to pick it when my
mother’s blade clattered onto the ground. He bent down to retrieve it then raised it to the light
marveling at its sharpened edge.
“It my mother’s means much.” I said as he nodded then stuffed it back into the pack.
“You are a warrior princess?” Erika asked staring at the blade’s kneel edge
“They same thing, need be warrior to be princess, need lead people.” I said as Erika
watched Terry hide the bag inside a box under the table where it would be safe.
“I am not so sure I what to be a princess anymore.” Erika said as I nodded.
“Me neither,” I said I laid my head onto my forepaws closing my eyes still tired since I could
not sleep last night. I never wanted to be a princess. I wish I could be like everyone else but it
seems that everyone else wanted to be like me. It s eems no one will be able to find satisfaction
for it is merely an illusion. It is just a dream just beyond our reach, an unspoken hope of what
will never be.