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gathered in the land between the above ground and my world seemed unc omfortable but they
did not attack though they had enough able-bodied fighters to easily overpower me. Maybe
they were afraid of me or simply curious about what I am. Also those two young men I saw
above ground only stared when they should have chased me. The kids were a little
apprehensive when they first saw me but after they learned that I was not a threat they were
no longer hostile.
I know I don’t know much about humans but I needed to make a decision that would
determine the wellbeing of my people and there is no time to lose. If the humans are not a
threat then I must not hesitate for I can’t bear to face the repercussions. I need to find a way to
save my mother I need to find a way to stop this. I must act for inactive was just as unthinkable
as failure.
If the humans truly are monstrous beings desiring nothing more than our destruction, then
I fear there is no hope to be had but there is a chance that the Night Stalkers were wrong about
the humans. There is a chance that the humans were only aggressive because all they know of
my people is that we steal valuable resources and boldly venture into their land. Maybe the
humans were just trying to defend themselves and their belongings. Maybe the humans are not
the monsters I was told of. Maybe the Night Stalkers’ approach is what set them off. Maybe the
humans’ behavior toward them is atypical, arising simply out of fear.
If this is true then maybe after I explain that I mean no ha rm Rita’s mother would help me
get my mother’s cure. Maybe I can trust the humans and save my people. Maybe all hope was
not lost.
I turned to watch Rita peek her head around the door. She was clutching her stuffed rabbit
Kiki and was staring at me timidly. I lay in my bed as she walked over to me less afraid.
“I sorry,” I whispered as her small fingers burrowed into my fur. She smiled then sat beside
“It’s alright Fluffy I forgive you.” Rita said when the others entered.
“Oh good you have calmed down.” Erika said as I bobbed my head.
“I afraid my mother die,”
“Why aren’t you afraid now?” Terry asked as I sat up.
“I know answer.”
“What is that?” Terry asked
“Rita’s mother take me to hospital.” I announced proudly
“I am sure Mommy will like to meet you, Fluffy” Rita assured me.
“I am not sure. Mom likes to keep the house clean and she may not be happy to find
clumps of hair on her sofa but I guess she let us have a dog once so maybe she may allow you
to stay.” Erika told me.
“Kyzudo are you sure this is the best plan? Their mother may not listen to what you have to
say. I think you would scare her into attacking you and I don’t want you to get hurt.” Terry said.