The Creatures that History Forgot HTML version

hands were like mine though their nails were caked with trapped dirt. Their faces were
unsightly hairless blobs of flesh with a patch of greasy fur on top.
They did not seem to notice me so I crept by though my eyes never left them. I kicked an
empty can with my forepaw, having failed to notice it. One of the humans turned to look at me.
I was half concealed by the darkness but I knew I was visible enough. I snarled baring my teeth
as another grabbed his friend’s arm staring at me unconcerned.
“The shadows have eyes here but if you ignore them they will pass.” the human said. I
understood them thanks to my mother’s lessons that I once believe would only enable me to
read the scraps of paper found by the Death Stalkers.
“What is it?” asked the first one who spotted me.
“A creature of the night, a demon.” the first answered as the other nodded.
“Do they pass through here often?”
“Yes but this one is alone and it’s puny compared to the others.”
“Do they attack?”
“No it is best to simply think of them as being odd illusions.”
“Am I going crazy?”
“That is the question we would all like to know but how can one judge the nature of the
worl d when one is unsure if what one perceives is true? If the mind can lie then the truth can
never be confi rmed. The world is as we perceive as being whether it is a complex fabrication or
inspired by sensual information is unrelated. The one who is insane is the one who believes
there are multiply realities, conflicting worlds.”
I rushed away from the humans though soon I saw more of them. Some were lying on thin
blankets with their heads resting on their hands or staring at the darkness watching my every
move wi th mistrusting eyes.
After a few tense minutes I managed to find an opening at the top of the sta irs. I slowly left
the cover of the shadows then climbed up the stairs. I stopped to see the ground level out. I
was surrounded by great walls of glass and metal that rose above to meet the da rk ceiling
though I did not understand how the poi nted peaks could support such a ceiling for it was
eminence. Lights were scattered everywhere. Everything shown with a stunning brilliance , that
stabbed great holes in the darkness. Light pressed itself against the glass planes of the ever
climbing walls and cast great orbs upon the paved floor. Lights zipped about affixed to odd
machines that growled as they glide by.
I followed the towering wall of glass but paused for all about me there were humans. Some
wore smooth fabric with deep creases and complex folds while others wore rough fabric with
large stitching held by stripes of leather about thei r waist. A loose casing of fabric blew freely
around thei r torsos as they sped about noiselessly, their feet encased in sturdy bright colored
material and springy rubber.