The Creatures that History Forgot HTML version

“I am honored that you believe this to be true…” Maya began but I cut her off for I was
truly curious why some were raised up in our society for possessing certain qualities while
others were ignored. Was Maya simply born with superior intellectual abilities while others
were not? Was I born a princess because I possess the qualities of a leader, of my mother?
“Yes but why are you so wise?” I continued as Maya looked up at me curiously though kept
her head bowed and her tail grounded.
“All have the ability to gather data and form generalizations but in my opinion one who is
thought to be intelligent is simply the one who understands when a generalization should be
“Um explain.”
“The foolish gather data without ever drawing a conclusion yet the naïve draw conclusions
before enough data is gathered therefore the intelligent understand that all facts cannot be
known and tha t data without meaning is not worth gathering. That is what it means to be
intelligent nothing more.”
“Um thanks uh could I come with you to the workshop.”
“Of course Lady Kyzudo but I hope for your mother’s sake that you do not choose to run
off, again.”
“I cannot promise you that my interests will not drift or that my body will resist its call.”
“Of course, I will gather your guards then we can prepare to leave.” Maya said as I nodded
“Oh and it would be inappropriate for royalty to be in public without a robe. Her majesty would
disapprove if you insisted on leaving without it.”
“Fine, I will get dressed.” I said flicking my tailed in annoyance before awkwardly walking
back to my room with my front paws outstretched in an effort to steady myself.
When I got to my room I went to my closet where a silk black robe hung on a polished
golden hook. I unhooked it then slipped it over my head fighting to get my ears through. I
pulled my arms through the holes on the side then let the gown fall to my feet. I removed an
elegant sash from another hook then tied it about my waist.
I walked over the full length mirror to look at myself. The loose fitting fabric hid all but my
bare feet, the tip of my tail, my hands and my head. The only cream colored fur was located
around my face. My blue eyes shown like gems in contrast to the black, I looked like an
awkward less intimidating version of my mother. I stuck out my tongue in distaste when Zabuza
meowed by the door. I looked up to see my four usual guards.
“I am ready so let’s go.” I said as they nodded then led the way to the door. Maya joined
me as the guards surrounded us. I looked around for it felt odd towering over the others
dressed in my ridiculous robe. This all felt unnecessary since I am sure many of these cream and
black furred guards must be my relatives.
We marched upholding society’s silly traditions. The guards formed a perfect square about
Maya and me. Their long tails were raised and their ears were pricked. Their vigilant green eyes