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return either as your current leader or as my mother’s successor. Regardless I will return with
our solution, the solution others refuse to acknowledge as more than a distal possibility. I will
go alone for the Death Stalkers place is here. I maybe a child but when I return I will be ready to
take my place as leader.” I said as everyone began yipping loudly again.
“You are leaving so who will lead the people in your absence?” demanded Merula when
the crowd turned to see someone walking high on their hind legs wielding my blade’s twin. It
was Sanoka, my mother.
“I will lead you until my daughter returns.” Sanoka said limping forward using the blade as
a crutch.
“But you are not well.” Syrugia challenged as Sanoka growled at her.
“I can lead, at least for a little while longer.” Sanoka said as the Death Stalkers left Merula’s
side to stand beside Sanoka.
“What about the Death Stalkers? Who will lead them?” Syrugia asked as many turned to
each other worried.
“We currently have everything we need so if Kyzudo is swift then there will be no need to
lead the Death Stalkers on any particularly dangerous missions.” Sanoka said as the crowd
yipped reassured.
“What if she fails?” Merula challenged, rising boldly onto her feet.
“I will entertain that possibility when I must.” Sanoka answered as my guards returned to
my side with their heads bowed and their ears lowered, too ashamed to look me in the eye as
they whispered apologies to my feet. Dabu and Maya were standing next to my mother, they
both seen proud and hopeful.
“We can’t wait forever.”
“You are right. When a need arises and I prove to be too weak to lead the Death Stalkers
then I will fear for the worst.” Sanoka said as Merula nodded.
“Find we will wait until we must move on and abandon these silly traditions.” Merula said
as many nodded in agreement. I could not fail or my people would be trapped under Merula’s
unrestricted rule.
“I will return victorious.” I announced as the crowd yipped and I left to join my mother’s
“How are you? I asked glancing down at her leg.
“I am good now that I know you are doing all that you can to prove yourself as leader.” she
said proudly as I waved my tail in a wide arched pleased, for my mother was quite reserved so
praise was a rare occurrence.
“Don’t worry I won’t fail.” I said as she nodded then touched my shoulder lovingly.
“Be careful.” she warned as I nodded.
“I should hurry to get the food for the trip.” I said as she nodded.