The Creatures that History Forgot HTML version

“Come on let’s get some tuna.” I said as Zabuza leap down gracefully before glancing over
her shoulder. I landed beside the cat a few seconds later then led the way to the two glass
bowls. I rose onto my hind legs then grasped the bowl and placed it on the floor in front of
I sat on the floor with my long legs stretched out as I watched Zabuza eagerly snap up the
fish, devouring them, head and all. I waved my tail in a wide arched pleased I was allowed to
keep Zabuza for cats were a sign of royalty s ince they offered no benefit yet needed to be
provided for. I was glad I was the leader’s daughter if it meant being able to keep Zabuza as a
Zabuza looked toward the door then meowed loudly in greeting before my mother
entered. Her cream colored fur was hidden under her black Death Stalkers uniform leaving only
her black tail and feet exposed. Her large black ears were alert as always and her blue eyes
were cold like those of any warrior. She stood upright which is a sign of both vulnerability and
strength. An inch or so below her elbow she wore a complex black band with a black scorpion
forever frozen within a hulk of hard plastic. It was the band the human was wearing when he
killed my father on one of the Death Stalkers’ many missions. My mother killed the human
single handedly and kept the bracelet in remembrance of my father. There was a good reason
why the group was called the Death Stalkers and my mother was their fearless leader.
“Kyzudo I am going with the Death Stalkers to replace the worn parts of the generator, so
behave yourself in my absence.” she said as I nodded.
“I guess I will see you later.” I said as she left, obviously in a hurry. I got up then followed
her. I raced down the hall but paused when I saw the Death Stalkers gathered around her.
“Kyzudo stand up straight. You are my daughter so behave like it.” Mom said as I unsteadily
rose onto my hind legs.
“Are you ready to go your majesty?” asked one of the Death Stalkers bowing low with his
ears lowered and his face practically touching the floor.
“Yes lead the way.” Mom answered then followed the dark clothed group using all four of
her feet, as lithe and nimble as I ever hoped to be.
I turned away but paused when I saw Maya standing by the doorway. Maya was my
mother’s adviser and one of the most intelligent of my kind. She understood everything about
our society and even knew a few things about the humans” vast amount of technology.
“Maya can I ask you something?” I asked as Maya slowly turned my way, her green eyes
skillfully concealing her annoyance as her bronze tail froze in an effort to hide her emotions.
“Yes Lady Kyzudo,” she said respectfully being forced to look up since I was still standing
upright like my mother instructed.
“You are the wisest and the most intelligent of our kind why is that so?” I asked as she
rigidly bowed in gratitude.