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“I hate to state my fears aloud but what will become of the people if the leader dies? We
need a leader at all times but I am not sure if a commoner can best a trained warrior. Syrugia is
right about thinking about the future of our people but I think that the next leader needs to be
one of us.” Merula suggested as her peers nodded solemnly in agreement.
“Kyzudo is next in line for the throne but she is merely a child. I fear you may be right
Merula. We may have to abandon tradition.” one of the Death Stalkers reluctantly agreed when
Dabu stepped forward.
“No Sanoka will pull through this. We must follow tradition for the sake of the people.”
Dabu informed the others, not accepting the possibility of her mother’s death.
“Hopefully you are right,” a Death Stalker agreed as I continued down the hall to my
mother’s room.
I entered as the servant, standing over her, bowed then left us alone. I edged around the
large bed peering at the mound of covers piled on top of my mother’s still body.
“Mom,” I called when Mother’s hand firmly grasped my upper arm.
“I need for you to promise to me that you will take my place if I am unable to lead the
people, if I die.” she told me as I pulled my arm free from her grasp.
“You are not going to die.” I told her angrily though I could feel hot tea rs gathering in my
“I don’t know about that but I am going to die one day and when that day comes I need to
know that you will take my place as leader.” she explained as I backed away, hoping to hide
within the shadows stashed secretly away in the corners.
“But I can’t, I am not like you.” I told her when her eyes found me amongst the gloom.
“I know you can do it and you are the only one who should.” she assured me as I stepped
forwa rd knowing that I could not hide from her gaze.
“What about your brother?” I asked her as she scoffed at the idea as if it were ludicrous.
“He is a male. I am sure they will not take him seriously.” She reminded me when I thought
of myself in comparison.
“He is a member of the Death Stalkers,” I reminded her as she nodded impatiently.
“I know that he is capable of taking on the responsibilities as leader but the public needs to
accept him and after having a matriarchy for so many genera tions the change would be radical
and would spark a civil war I am sure.” She explained as I continued to think of someone else,
anyone else that could perform the duties expected of the leader.
“What about any one of our relatives?” I questioned.
“Their bloodline is too diluted for the unanimous acceptance needed. No it needs to be
you.” my mother confirmed as I backed away again.
“What if I fail?” I asked her but she did not give me a straight forward answer.