The Creatures that History Forgot HTML version

The Creatures that History Forgot
By Ashley Douglass
Smashwords Edition
Copyright 2012 by Ashley Douglass
The Table of Contents
I yawned flexing my long tail then jumped from my thick plush bedding made of fluff
encased in fabric. My bare feet landed lightly on the cool floor as I arched my back to the ceiling
feeling my vertebra shifting into place. I stood erect though it felt odd and unnatural with my
forepaws dangling uselessly at my sides. I swiveled my left ear outward as I released a gust of
air through my nostrils, in an amused gesture. I did not need to behave like a princess in the
privacy of my own room I thought before I pounced back onto my bed. I landed heavily in the
sinking mass but quickly sat upright with my tail wrapped around me as I stared out toward the
large glass dome where the heated copper wire glowed as a powerful electric current coursed
through it. There was a soft meow as I turned to see a sand colored cat strolling toward me.
“Zabuza,” I exclaimed as the cat leap onto my bed pressing its body against me as I stoked
its back. Its throat vibrated with contentment as I looked to the other side of the large room
where there were two glass bowls. I looked down at the striped cat that raised its head to stare
at me questioningly.
“Zabuza what would you like to eat this morning? Do you want tuna or a pigeon? ” I asked
noticing the cat stopped at the word pigeon.
“Do you want a flaky bone filled fish,” I began as Zabuza rubbed her face against my arm.
“Or the plump juicy flesh of a bird?” I continued as Zabuza pulled away, looking at me with
what I believe to be distaste.
“Fine I guess today you will have the tuna. Tuna must simply be your favorite.” I stated as
Zabuza continued purring, tickling my chin with the tip of her tail.