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I'm telling you all of this because its people like you that can correct the problems within our
government by getting the right ones in office. Its corrupt people like Bush that caused me to be
sentenced to death for a crime I knew nothing about. The officials in our State, Local and Federal
governments refuse to admit to mistakes. They want everyone to believe that our government
and justice system is perfect. They would rather murder an innocent person and allow the guilty
to remain free than they would admit to mistakes. They do anything to cover up the mistakes.
By the way, I believe the person that made the bomb that killed the Blounts lives in Azle. If you
would like to know who I believe it is you can contact my friend Denise Wallenhurst by e
mailing her. You can tell her I said you could get information regarding the bomb maker in Azle.
If you don't already know about this character you will find the information very interesting. I
hope you are not bothered by getting a letter from me. My intentions are good.
Sincerely and respectfully,
Michael Toney
Mr. Bill: My initial ―compassionate conservative‖ reaction to the return address on this
unsolicited letter was not very favorable—I thought to myself, ―Oh crap! What does this damn
con want?‖ I am a sentient bleeding-heart liberal Democrat (by birth and nurture) so I came to a
different conclusion after I read Michael's letter and I decided to be open and fair-minded and
investigate his claims.
November 25, 2000: Michael's Story from defunct online web site
My full name is Michael Roy Toney. I'll be 35 years old or young whichever way you look at it
on December 29, 2000. Everyone calls me Cowboy. I don't think that needs to be explained--the
reason for the nickname is pretty obvious. I'm originally from Northern California but I've been
here in Texas since about 1993. All of my family is still in California. I don't have any family
here in Texas at all. I haven't been an upstanding citizen by any means. I've been in a lot of
trouble, mostly for credit card abuse, burglary, bad checks and theft. I'm not a murderer. I'm
completely innocent of the crime that I'm on death row waiting execution for. I'm sure you'll find
the reason I became a suspect and was later convicted of this crime to be strange and interesting.
Mr. Bill: Michael is a master of understatement. As I read the trial transcript to check his claims,
I thought that I was reading the script for a Twilight Zone TV episode!
It all started in June of 1997. I was in prison here in Texas serving a sentence for burglary and
credit card abuse. I used to fence a lot of stolen property which is why I've been convicted of
burglary many times. Here in Texas if a person gets caught with property taken from a burglary--
he's charged with burglary. I was serving a 5 year sentence and was to get out on August 31,
On a Friday in June 1997 I received a notice that I was going to be transported to Weatherford,
Texas to resolve an old burglary case that I had been trying to take care of for a number of years.
When I received this notice I sat down and was talking to a man named Bennie Toole. I told him
that I was going on a bench warrant to Weatherford and he started telling me to be careful out