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Re: Emails to Michael


Michael receives his emails daily from me. I am the only person who has access to his email and then I mail them to him everyday. You are right about the déjà vu stuff. I do think it is strange though. Thank you for sending the letters to all those shows. Maybe with a second letter to 60

Minutes they will look into talking to him.



December 20, 2000: Email from Mr. Bill to Denise


I am not through sending letters. I am going to send letters to various and sundry magazines and newspapers and other TV news magazine shows. I will keep you all informed.

Mr. Bill

PS: I am still studying Michael's Trial Transcript. I have gotten through Richard Averyt's testimony. It is slow going but I am trying to spot holes in witness testimony and contradictions.

If we can document enough discrepancies then perhaps we can get a lawyer that will be willing to see if he can get Michael a retrial.

PPS: Also, if we continue to try to keep this matter in the public eye then this case will not be forgotten.

December 20, 2000: Email from Denise to Mr. Bill

You are doing an excellent job. Too bad you are not an attorney. Maybe if there was an attorney as dedicated as you are, then Michael would have been out a long time ago. I wish I could spend more time working on this for Michael but the following reasons prevent me from doing so: 1. I work 70 hours a week.

2. I have 6 kids at home.

3. I don't have a computer or typewriter at home.

4. Finances prevent me from doing some of the things for Michael.

So as you can see, my time and money are restricting me from helping as much as I would like to. But I really appreciate all you are doing and I know Michael does as well.



December 20, 2000: Email from Mr. Bill to Denise


You are doing a lot for Michael as it is. Keeping him in touch with the outside world is a lot in more ways than one.

Bless you!

Mr. Bill

December 21, 2000: Email from Jeff Bowden ( D Magazine reporter) to Mr. Bill Mr. Davis,

I don't generally write about murders by bombing or otherwise. I will, however, forward your email to Glenna Whitley, a Senior Editor with the magazine. Mrs. Whitley is an award-winning investigative journalist. She is better positioned to evaluate the merits of your proposal.

Best Wishes and Happy Holidays,

Jeff Bowden

Mr. Bill: Mrs. Whitely never found time in her busy schedule of writing fluff pieces about the great and near great Yuppies of Dallas to write a story about my wrongfully convicted ―alleged‖

bomber friend, Michael Toney. Her loss, my gain--she could have won a Pulitzer for her article about Michael Toney. C'est la vie!

December 23, 2000: Email from Mr. Bill to Michael

Subject: James McCall


Just got through reading Special ATF Agent McCall's testimony and I can summarize it in one word: BULLSHIT. That guy just got up on the stand and lied out his ass and got away with it!

(Remember he was the man that said he could not recall anything about the investigation.) I am starting to go through Special ATF Agent JL's testimony and I would dearly love to catch this sucker in a lie because he is the nephew of my next door neighbor. Mike, I think that it was God's will for me to get involved with you because of all these little coincidences that keep turning up.

Hang in there dude!

Mr. Bill

Mr. Bill: I am giving advance warning to the gentle reader that the word ―bullshit‖ will appear quite frequently whenever I am referring to testimony given by State witnesses. Whenever I read the State witness testimony for extended periods I would feel dirty from their damn lies and have to take a shower to wash the stench and the filth off.

December 27, 2000: Letter from Michael to Mr. Bill

Dear Bill,

I hope this letter finds you doing well. I received copies of your latest emails tonight. I'll answer your questions and then relay some very strange news to you.

I don't believe Susan Blount has a record. As far as the rest of the questions...I don't know. Oh yeah, according to the testimony Robert was inside when the explosion occurred. He was blown out the door. He was burned and is scarred now. I believe he works for Boeing in Seattle. He was just a kid in 1985 so I don't think he had a drug habit or anything.

In the discovery documents I found where Michael Columbus was seeing a married woman but other than that I don't know. He was only 18 years old.

Something that's interesting is the fact that Joe Blount rode with the Hells Angels and Sonny Barger. In a recent issue of Playboy magazine (the one with Chyna the wrestler on the cover) there's a story called ―Biker Wars‖ or something like that. It is about some trials etc. They were doing a lot of bombings.

Now to the interesting thing that happened here. On Christmas night another inmate (not on death row) delivered a message to me. I won't say any names for obvious reasons but I will tell you how to find out who sent this message. The inmate told me that he has been trying to find me for a month. He said so and so told me to tell you that ―he is going to get you off of death row because he knows you are innocent because he knows all the truth.‖ This inmate made it sound like the one that sent the message is the one that did it or was there. I don't know that but it's how he made it sound. Keep in mind that I don't know any of these people but this man testified at the trial. Now he says he didn't tell the truth. He is from Azle and he's here on the Terrell Unit in general population. His initials are J.G.O. You can find out who he is by looking at the transcript Volume 27. I don't know but I'm willing to bet he knows Doug Brown. (Mr. Bill: As of November 17, 2009 the mysterious J.G.O. is a resident at Michael's old alma mater, the Polunsky Unit in Livingston, Texas. His projected release date is 12-11-2012.) With the business out of the way I'll get to your most important question. Yes, I do know Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, I didn't meet him until January 1997. I am a Christian. Jesus has held me together for the last 3 years.

While we're on the subject of Christianity I would like to introduce you to a very dear friend of mine. I'm enclosing a note I received from him so that you have his email address, etc. His name is Edwin Smith and he's my best friend after Jesus! Please send him an email and let him know you are trying to help me. He would be very happy to hear from you.

Now I can tell you how relieved I am to know that you are a Christian. You should have seen the smile on my face when I read ―I would be delighted to tell you how to be free in Christ.‖ I'm freer now than I have ever been in my life. It's a shame that it took something so drastic to wake me up. I know now that God loves us more than we could ever comprehend. I wasn't only hurting myself but God as well.

I could go on and on about that! It's getting late so I will close this letter and get it in the mail. I can't thank you enough for your help. Don't worry; I know you're not an investigator. I don't get my hopes up about anything but I do remain confident that a break will appear somewhere and the TRUTH will come out. You are appreciated very much!!!

Your brother in Christ,


December 27, 2000: ―Note‖ attached to Letter from Michael to Mr. Bill Dear Michael,

Well, I suppose you have heard the latest by now. On my last visit to Terrell I made the mistake of leaving the visitation room and going over to the chaplain's office to inquire about the welfare of one of your friends. I was immediately confronted by Major Lester and another guard who took me to the warden's office. Warden Massey told me because I had left the visitation room he was taking me off all lists and that I would not be allowed back on prison property. So there you have it. I broke a rule I didn't know existed and for that got zapped. No surprise there my friend.

I am sure he was more than a little ticked off by the article in USA Today.

Don't worry, I plan to continue to speak out and do any interview I get the opportunity to do. I have also spoken to the ACLU as his action violated Texas Penal Code statute 39.03 regarding my visitation rights. It may take a while but I feel that I will be reinstated. In the meantime, please help me to let everyone know what is going on in the soap opera.

I have sent some photos of my trip to Paris last month. There are some names on the back of a couple of them so you can put faces with names that you know. (Edwin was in Paris speaking to Michael's French supporters and anti death penalty people.) Stay in touch with me by mail and we will ride this out as we have the other little bumps in the road. Apparently I have hit a few raw nerves there and they are punishing me for it. It's a real shame the state chaplains are so strong death penalty that they can't minister like they should. I have men writing all the time that they ask to see a chaplain and it takes months to get a visit.

Anyway, I hope you have a good holiday. Keep your chin up and I will see you as soon as possible.

Your friend,

Edwin Smith

Executive Director

Dove Prison Ministry International

Mr. Bill: Michael's most ardent supporters were a group of French men and women that formed an organization named Association M'AIM (Michael- An Innocent Man). Towards the end of Michael's life he feigned to be a Republican to get along with the contemptible conservatives but he still continued to accept the support of the ―hated‖ French. Michael did what he had to do to secure his freedom but I will go to my grave condemning the GOP to hell and loudly proclaiming vive le France! (Will Rogers never met George Bush Jr. or any of his contemptible neo-con tools!)

December 27, 2000:18:48- Email from Mr. Bill to Michael Subject: Missing Pages


I am going through your ex-wife's testimony and I noticed that pages 29 through 32 of the official court transcript is missing! (That would be page 8 of Kim's webpage copy- page 7 has been duplicated and stuck where page 8 should be.) Is there something on pages 29 through 32

that could make or break your case?

Mr. Bill

Mr. Bill: Michael's reply to this query, ―No.‖

December 27, 2000:2000- Email from Mr. Bill to Michael

Subject: Briefcase Latches


In her testimony, Kim said that your briefcase had combination locks on the latches but Robert Blount said in his testimony that Angela just sat on the couch and flipped the latches open...Does it make sense to you that the briefcase in question on Thanksgiving Day 1985 would have locking latches? I can only conclude from Robert Blount's (sworn) testimony the briefcase that he saw on that fateful day did not have locking latches (therefore, it was not your briefcase.) Mr. Bill

Mr. Bill: This reinforces the old saying, ―the devil is in the details.‖ I do not profess to be a hit man but it stands to reason that a bomb that is designed to detonate when the briefcase is opened would not be placed in a locked briefcase. Michael's briefcase had combination locks and there is no way in hell that it could have been the briefcase that took out the Blount family.

December 25, 2000: Michael Toney's Journal

Today, the loneliness and despair are so thick I can almost see it. It's so very quiet. What's going through the minds of the condemned?

Yesterday, the radio news reported, ―Christmas is just another day for the men and women on Texas death row.‖ They're wrong, as usual. It's not just another day, it's Christmas. Christmas is a time to rejoice and celebrate with family and friends. Christmas is a time to give gifts. Maybe the radio news is partly correct. It is not just another day but it is another day of precious life. For many on death row this will be their last ―living‖ Christmas.

Everyone must keep in mind what Christmas really is. The One that was born on this day so long ago offers all of us a gift: The gift of eternal life. His offer extends to everyone, even the men and women that are condemned to death.

I can't help but ask myself these questions. Has everyone forgotten what Christmas really is?

Today is the birthday of Jesus Christ, the One that gave His life to pay for our sins and to give us eternal life. To accept His gift of eternal life we must ask His forgiveness for our sins and accept Jesus Christ as our Savior.

Today I seem to have more questions than I do answers. How can a society that is supposed to be based on Christian faith judge and condemn others to death? If a person sitting on a jury finds a person to be guilty and decides that this person should be sentenced to death, isn't that the same as murder? What if that jury is wrong and they sentence an innocent person to death, isn't that murder?

I ask these questions because I am an innocent person that has been sentenced to death. I have forgiven the jurors that were wrong in convicting me and sentencing me to death. I have asked God to forgive them but it‘s not me that must ask God, it is them that must ask God to forgive them. I also forgive the people that lied to the jury and caused them to come to the wrong conclusions, but once again it‘s not me that must ask. If the jurors and the people that lied under oath ask God to forgive them today and I am put to death tomorrow does God forgive them in advance or do they have to do something to correct what they have done? If my life is taken because someone lied under oath, isn't that the same as murder?

What is the purpose of a death sentence? Is it punishment or vengeance? Doesn't the Bible say that vengeance is wrong? When a person takes the life of another and the decedents loved ones seek vengeance and want the murderer put to death, isn't that murder? To have murder in your heart isn't that sin?

I don't believe anyone ever has the right to take the life of another. I don't believe anyone has the right to judge whether or not another human being has the right to live. We are human. We are not perfect. We are not God.

Sometimes when I ask others about this they quote what the Bible says about an ―eye for an eye.‖ But didn't Jesus Christ change all of that law?

As I ask myself these questions I can't help but think about the jurors that decided I have no right to live. I can't help but think about the people that lied to those jurors and caused them to come to the wrongful decision in convicting me and sentencing me to death. What does God think of them? As far as the jury goes, I'm reminded of what Jesus said while he was being crucified. He said, ―Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.‖ This still leaves many unanswered questions. I am innocent of the crime I was convicted of. God knows I have never taken the life of another or even considered taking the life of another but none of us are really innocent. Jesus was the only innocent person to walk the face of the earth. Jesus was wrongfully executed. What about the fact that those jurors want me put to death? What about the victims loved ones that want my life to be extinguished? What about the people that lied under oath so that the jury would come to the wrong conclusion? Does God forgive them? I don't know but all of this sounds like people asking God to forgive them for what they do tomorrow.

I think the simple answer to all of these questions is that no one ever has the right to take the life of another or to decide who has the right to live or die.

We are only human. ―To be human is to err.‖

By Michael Toney

―An innocent man condemned by lies‖

A la poursuite de vérité et justice...nous rester!!!

December 29, 2000:1318- Email from Mr. Bill to Michael


After reading Chris Meeks' testimony I can summarize it in one word: BULLSHIT. How in God's name could a jury of your peers believe this lying, backstabbing weasel's testimony? I categorically reject Meeks' testimony for the following reasons: 1. His testimony was inconsistent and contradictory--he contradicted himself and he contradicted Kim's testimony. (e.g.: orange juice bottle lid, briefcase latches, times, dates, etc.) 2. He had been granted liar's immunity and admitted that he had lied to the Grand Jury on two separate occasions.

3. He had been granted immunity from prosecution by the Feds.

4. He was giving his testimony from a prepared script that he had in his lap while he was on the stand.

Was the jury in a coma while he was up there lying through his teeth or were they bought and paid for too?

My two cents worth,

Mr. Bill

Mr. Bill: The preceding email indicates that Michael Toney consistently referred to Chris Meeks as the ―idiot Chris Meeks.‖ I preferred to refer to Mr. Meeks as the ―lying, backstabbing weasel Chris Meeks.‖

December 30, 2000:2328- Email from Mr. Bill to Rev. Edwin Smith Subject: Cowboy Toney

Dear Reverend Smith:

A brother in Christ and new friend named Michael ―Cowboy‖ Toney asked me to drop you a line to let you know how I am trying to help free him. I have been bombarding various and sundry public officials with letters urging them to re-open the investigation of Michael's case and retry him. I have also been bombarding various and sundry TV news magazine programs, newspapers and magazines urging them to do a story on Michael. (I have also been scrutinizing Michael's transcripts noting the blatant contradictions and lies and investigating the backgrounds on some of the witnesses.)

Michael and I made each other's acquaintance through the 2000 Presidential election: I wrote an angry letter to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram which made a tongue-in-cheek prophecy about the future under a George Bush Jr. administration. Michael happened to read the paper that day and my letter struck a chord with him. He also noticed that I live in Azle where we believe that the real murderer lives. (I also have the misfortune of living in the Shangrila Estates community where such ―worthies‖ as MFH, TEA, RLA, MB, RC, LWC, MTC, etc. live and I also know these people!) I think that it was God's will for Michael and me to get hooked up because there are just too many ―little coincidences‖ that fell into place to affect our meeting.

Well, that is about all for now. I will be praying for you and your ministry. If you would like to know a little bit more about me then visit my page: Bill (Mr. Bill: This site is now defunct).

Yours in Christ,

Mr. Bill

January 3, 2001: Letter from Michael to Mr. Bill

Hello Mister Bill,

I hope this letter reaches you having a blessed day. I pray you and your family had a very merry Christmas and the new year is blessed. I'm doing alright except for the fact that I'm freezing!

This prison was put on a yearly 'lockdown' status yesterday and for some peculiar reason the heating is off. The walls are like blocks of ice. Oh well, its prison!

Today I received copies of your emails so I will answer your questions as well as I can.

About Kim's testimony I wasn't aware of the missing pages on the web site. I do have copies of the entire transcript. Denise has asked the owner of that web site to correct the problem. If he doesn't I will send you her entire testimony. It's not easy for me to say this because she is the mother of my daughter but she lied through her teeth. She said some things that were calculated by the prosecution to make that jury hate me and want me dead.

I didn't even own a briefcase in 1985. I didn't use one until 1988 or so. The briefcase she mentioned is one that I used when I worked for the Tarrant County Adjustors in 88-89. The ATF

found pieces of the briefcase that allegedly contained the bomb and actually reconstructed the bomb in a similar briefcase for the trial. The briefcase I had in 88 was brown and had gold-colored combo locks. It was a cheap briefcase.

I AGREE!!!! The Meeks testimony is BULLSHIT but so is KIM'S! Meeks didn't have any idea what he was saying. He couldn't even answer the questions without looking at the script. He would say, ―I don't remember, let me see.‖ And then he would look for the answer. Not only did he have--LIAR'S immunity he had transactional immunity...meaning he couldn't be prosecuted for the crime itself. The really odd part is the jury knew he was lying. If you'll notice when Kim was testifying, she was asked if Meeks was an honest person. Her answer was, ―Yes.‖ When she answered ―Yes‖ the jury and the judge laughed.

Here's something you'll find very interesting and Denise can give you a copy of this. An old man named Finis Blankenship was in the (Parker County) jail with me while I was waiting to go to trial. He was always asking me questions about the case but I didn't know anything to tell him. It was obvious the man was trying to get information from to bargain with prosecution on his own case. In the opening statement the prosecution says ―...and then you will hear admissions by the defendant.‖ They were referring to the testimony of the old man (Finis Blankenship). He was the entire basis for the State's theory. He told them that I said, I was hired to kill someone by a man named R. Brown and that it was over 4 kilos of heroin. He said that I was to be paid 5000.00 but received only 2500.00 because the wrong people were murdered. This is all a lie. He made it up to get a 'deal' on his CHILD MOLESTATION charges which he had reduced to a misdemeanor.

Don't worry, he's in prison because the parole board revoked his parole on a prior 50 year sentence. Now for the good part- he was supposed to testify in the first phase of the trial but he refused because they wouldn't release him before hand. He did testify in the punishment part of the trial. He was the entire basis for the State's theory of ―transferred intent.‖ Meaning he meant to kill someone else but killed these people by mistake. Because of his BULLSHIT theory they were able to convict me. The indictment said, ―Knowingly and intentionally killed Joseph Blount, Angie Blount and Michael Columbus.‖ But there is no evidence of that so they used the old LIAR'S theory and were able to convict me of transferred intent. The State has to prove every element of the indictment beyond a reasonable doubt but because of the old man's theory they didn't have to do that. Now for the interesting part- the State is obligated by law to reveal any deals they have with their witnesses. They didn't do this. They denied all deals. After the trial the old liar filed a lawsuit in Federal court naming the D.A., Michael Parrish, The ATF and Judge Drago as defendants. In the lawsuit he says that he had a deal with them but they didn't uphold their end of the bargain. Denise has a copy of the lawsuit.

About Meeks, I've been trying to get his police records from Roswell, N.M. but the police chief wrote me and said the record is very thick and quoted an outrageous price for making copies. I'm still working on that. I did get some Texas records on him that prove he lied and showed the tag number for the truck. Denise was supposed to send the records to you. I also got his military record which doesn't say anything other than he got an HONORABLE discharge which really surprised me. You should have seen this character. He looked like a railroad bum. He had hair down to his backside and looked like he had been sleeping under a bridge. He was shaking and stuttering like he was scared to death but the State made it sound like he was afraid of me. He was afraid because he was lying through his TEETH. The man said, I drank ―screwdrivers.‖ I've never drank hard liquor. The whole purpose of that lie was to bring in ORANGE JUICE. My lawyer asked him about concentrated orange juice because he said, ―Mike never drank concentrate.‖ He didn't even know what concentrate is!

Have you seen the site at (Mr.

Bill: This site is now defunct)? I ask because it has some more information about my ex-wife and her boyfriend. I really think that he put her up to lying to get the reward. When they first questioned her she told the truth and said, ―I don't know anything and Mike never said anything.‖

But then she said they went to the library and read all the old news clips about it. Then all of a sudden by some ―miracle‖ she called them back with a new story. It's all completely crazy. I've NEVER been to the place!!

Bill, thank you for your help and believing in me. It means more to me than I could ever say.

Excuse my terrible typing. When I write about this case, I get real anxious and make a lot of mistakes! I may be going to the hospital in Galveston some time soon. I don't know how long I will be there but Denise will let you know what's going on. I hope Edwin has responded to your email. He's a very good man. I'm sure you will like him.

Your brother in Christ,


January 13, 2001: Letter from Michael to Mr. Bill

Bonjour monsieur Bill,

I hope this note finds you having a blessed day. I want to give the enclosed book ( The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran) to you as a gift. I'm hoping you haven't read him. I think you'll enjoy it and find it enlightening.

I knew you were born in Midland from your web page. I didn't know your mother is in Alaska. I seem to remember something about that mining scheme. I worked in Kodiak. The company I worked for built the school.

I'm of Native American heritage too. My father's mother was Cherokee. She was born on a reservation in Alabama (Mr. Bill: This reservation no longer exists.). She met my Bulgarian immigrant grandfather during ―the Trail of Tears.‖ My grandfather had stowed away on a ship to escape communism. My grandmother died about 5 years ago when she was 107. My grandfather died the year I was born when he was 73 years old.

I'm registered to receive Indian benefits but I've never used it. For some strange reason I'm the only light complected, light-eyed (Mr. Bill: Michael's eyes were green.) one in my family.

Do you communicate with your mother? I'll bet she knows of a restaurant called ―Gwennies‖ on Spenard. There was a gold mining outfit right up the road from there. I loved Alaska. It's very beautiful. That's where I started flying. I've had planes on the brain since.

Bill, I want you to know I'm very ashamed of the path I've taken through life. I have a lot of regrets.

Did you get the letter in which I mentioned Gaylen Oates? If you haven't read the enclosed Grand Jury testimony of Meeks you'll get a good laugh out of comparing all his lies. I tried to mark all the lies but I gave it up.

Your brother in Christ,


January 16, 2001: Letter from Mr. Bill to Michael


I got your letter and book today. Thanks dude! (but you really didn‘t have to do that) Your little nephew, Hunter is a fine looking little boy and I hope that someday soon he will be able to meet his uncle without those ugly cold steel bars blocking his way. Sorry that it has been awhile since you last heard from me. I am off Christmas break and going back to school. I am going to college over the Internet to get a BS in Information Technology at the advanced age of 49. (Who says you can‘t teach an old dog new tricks?)

I got an email today from a lady named SA in France. She told me that she is working to get your legal representation straightened out. By the way, what‘s with all the French? Are you part Frenchie or something? (I took a year of French in the ninth grade.) I have a sister and two beautiful nieces that live in Florida. She called us last week to tell us that as she was coming back home with one of the girls that some punks threw a rock off of a freeway bridge that came right through the center of her windshield! I thank God for sparing them because that rock could have killed them.

My wife is suffering from empty nest syndrome- our 25 year-old boy and his girlfriend moved out on New Year‘s Day. (C‘est la vie!) We are hoping he will stay on the straight and narrow. He has had a few scrapes with the law: a pot bust and a DWI.

Speaking of the straight and narrow path, it is so easy to fall off that path. I realize that you have a lot of regrets about the mistakes that you have made in your life but you should stop beating yourself over the past and look toward the future. God has forgiven you, now forgive yourself my friend.


Mr. Bill

PS: I have kept a daily journal since 1994. I bet my life is boring in comparison with yours. I told my wife once that the only fear of death I had was that someone else‘s life would pass before my eyes when I die!

February 3, 2001: Fax from Mr. Bill to Mr. Graczyk (CPIES) Capital Punishment Investigations and Educational Services 3530 Forest Ln Suite 314

Dallas, TX 75234

Mr. Graczyk:

I am sending you this fax in behalf of DD. DD asked me to send you some information concerning Michael Toney. Michael Toney was wrongfully convicted for the 1985 Lake Worth bombing which resulted in the deaths of three people. Michael's conviction was based solely on the basis of perjured testimony provided by his ex-wife and former business associate. Both of these disreputable witnesses had been granted immunity from prosecution by the Justice Department in exchange for their testimony to close a case that had been unsolved for 12 years.

(i.e.- the ATF wanted to clean some egg off their face.) There is no direct physical evidence that can link Michael Toney in any shape, fashion, or form to these murders. Michael was convicted solely on the basis of perjured testimony. A cursory examination of the trial transcript of the two key state witnesses: Kim Toney and Chris Meeks reveals that these two characters are lying through their teeth. During the course of my examination of their testimony I found that not only did their testimony contradict each other's testimony but that they also contradicted their own individual testimonies! A copy of Michael's trial transcript can be obtained by going to (Mr. Bill: This is now a porn site)and entering ―Toney‖ as the inmate database search term. When Michael's record appears click on his name. When you get to his page then use the drop down menu to go to the Law Library where you can access his trial transcript. Another good source of information concerning Michael Toney's case is at the following url: (Mr. Bill: This site is now defunct).

I could send you a list of discrepancies from the transcript but I do not want to influence you from forming your own opinion and drawing your own conclusions at this time: the discrepancies and contradictions in the witness testimony are glaringly obvious. After you have had time to study the transcripts and record the contradictions, then if you would like to compare my list of contradictions with your list then I would be happy to oblige.

Thanking you in advance for your help to free Michael Toney, William A. Davis

Mr. Bill: As far as I know, CPIES cheerfully accepted M'AIM's hard-earned contributions and returned nothing of any real consequence. Michael's legal teams from 2008 and on cracked the case when they exposed Chief Prosecutor Michael Parrish's misconduct: he withheld 13 file boxes of exculpatory evidence that would have found him totally innocent of this heinous crime.

February 26, 2001: Letter from Undercover Informant BHH to Sheriff QS forwarded to CPIES

(Mr. Bill: Names, dates and places have been disguised to protect the identity of the letter writer.

The writer of this letter alleges that he knows someone who knows the identity of the 1985 Lake Worth Bomber.)

April 17, 1999

Dear Sheriff QS:

I pray that my letter finds you doing well and in good spirits. The reason for this letter is so that I can relay some most important information to you in hopes that you will forward same to the person or persons that may be interested in what this letter contains.

Q, during the time of the UFE ordeal in 1985-1986, I was working undercover for Detective YD, of the XXX County Sheriff's Office, regarding the possible involvement of the UFE Clan in the briefcase bombing of a Lake Worth, Texas mobile home belonging to Joe and Susan Blount and in which Joe Blount, Angela Blount and a nephew Michael Columbus were killed. I did finally work my way within the UFE organization with the help of a EU who was incarcerated in the XXX County Jail but was released on my request to assist me in my infiltrating the UFE Clan Organization, but before I had the opportunity to find out whether they played any part in the crime, I was kidnapped by the UFE Clan and later made to manufacture amphetamines and meth, then at a later date made at gun point to dispose of the body of ZC, a crime which you later became involved in while you were a Texas Ranger.

Q, the other day while I was at the unit library going through the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, I ran across a brief story regarding a Michael Roy Toney, who is currently on trial for the bombing.

The reason now for my concern is because I was never debriefed by anyone involved in the case, and second of all, I think that it is possible that Toney may be innocent. The reason I say this is because while I was at the XXX Unit in Texas, I befriended an inmate by the name of XK, a black man who was once involved with LE and K and BT who were at one time notorious for manufacturing amphetamines and meth as well as murder. During one of our many conversations, he made mention of the mobile home bombing and said he was in the vicinity at the time of the bombing and that he knew who had did the bombing. The reason I was all ears during one of our many conversations was because he knew some things about the bombing that is very possible that only some one with first hand knowledge would have known like the bomb being placed on the porch or that it was in a briefcase. All this was told to me by XK that he advised the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on two occasions and wrote a story about the bombing in which the ATF had gotten involved in said case. The story stated that they had suspects in the bombing case, that the suspects were meth distributors. Some were now dead and some were currently doing time in prison. I'm not sure whether the suspects they were referring to as being dead were XC, MQ, KT or DN who was on death row in Huntsville.

During my investigation in 1986, I informed Detective XC that a few months before I became an informant and went undercover for the XXX County Sheriff's Office that I had seen DN with numerous sticks of dynamite inside of a tote bag and that he intended to take the explosives to UFE's house on the North side of XXX.

Q, I had intended to contact Detective XC with the enclosed information but was not sure whether he was still employed as a deputy with the XXX County Sheriff's Office and for the fact that I would soon be paroled at the time and that I could personally go to speak with the ATF

officer in charge of the Task Force investigating the Lake Worth bombing.

Now, the other thing I wish to address is that I have been reading newspaper articles after articles concerning the epidemic of the clandestine speed labs in the XXX Metroplex area as well as in the state of Texas as a whole. Throughout my eight years of incarceration I have taken your advice to me to heart. Yes, Q, you are so right, I do have too much on the ball to waste my life in the drug business as you once told me. And I have had nothing but time to ponder about what you stated in your last letter to me when you said that I should just figure out what is right and do that, and that we all can think of reasons not to do right that may or may not come to pass but that we still needed to do right. And I do agree with you that death by doing right is better than life doing wrong. Q, I do not know whether you may be in the position or know of someone who is, who would possibly consider using an ex-speed manufacturer as myself in a sting operation on the new as well as the old speed cooks who manufacturing the Nazi Meth, amphetamines, meth, etc. There is no doubt that these manufacturers would and are more apt to purchase the chemicals and glassware they need to make their dangerous drugs from someone who is well known to them than purchasing chemicals from a person who is unknown in any of the speed circles. I do not have to tell you that I realize that I have ruined and wasted my life trying to beat the law enforcement authorities. I only wish that I would be given a chance to prove myself to all the people who matter in my life and a chance to show my family that a person who was once lost to the drug culture can make his way back and help make a difference by taking a big bite out of crime.

In exchange for my services I would only request that the governor would consider giving me a full pardon after I help law enforcement authorities close down an x amount of speed labs. I am aware that I will have to relocate myself in another state and that I will put my life in danger, but like you said Q, ―Death by doing right is better than life by doing wrong.‖

Q, I have contemplated contacting D.E.A. agent SDE, Jr. who was the agent in charge of the D.E.A. undercover operation (Dry Gulch) the purpose of ―Dry Gulch‖ was to identify clandestine manufacturers of illegal drugs in the 80's but I am not sure whether he is still with the XXX office, so that I could submit my proposal to him to see if the D.E.A. would be interested.

Well, my true and trusted friend, I will let you figure out what you think I should do on the Michael Roy Toney deal. If you think I should keep quiet and stay out of it, I will. I am willing to take it to my grave with me.

Q, I'm sorry for writing you such a lengthy letter, but, I had to make up for the months I have failed to correspond with you. (smile!) Let me hear from you whenever you have time to write.

Remember that you are always in my prayers and thoughts.

Sincerely and respectfully yours,


Mr. Bill: I forwarded this highly convoluted and possibly fabricated letter to a Mr. Leonard at CPIES. Nothing ever came out of this letter. Michael's post-trial investigators were never able to corroborate any of the fantastic claims in this letter from BHH to Q.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and after I studied this letter again 10 years after it was written, I came to the conclusion that this letter may have been fabricated by Michael! I am very well acquainted with Michael's writing style (stilted awkward phrasing, long run-on sentences, excessive use of contractions and the use of big words when a simpler word would suffice) and his style is very evident throughout this letter, particularly in the first line of the letter and the closing line--I have 9 pounds worth of Michael's letters that all open with words to this effect: ―I pray that my letter finds you doing well and in good spirits‖ and inevitably ending with

―Sincerely and respectfully...‖

The last nail in the coffin of this letter's validity is its time-date stamp and return address. At one point in this letter BHH (aka Michael Toney?) states: ―Q, the other day while I was at the unit library going through the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, I ran across a brief story regarding a Michael Roy Toney, who is currently on trial for the bombing.‖ BHH must be a gifted clairvoyant because Michael's trial started May 10, 1999 and this letter to Sheriff Q was written April 17, 1999 according to the time-date stamp on the letter placed by the XXX Unit inmate mail censor.

The return address on BHH's non-censored letter indicates that he was in a state prison unit approximately 1000 miles Northwest as the crow flies of the Polunsky Unit and Michael was in a Parker County Jail cell waiting to be transferred to the Tarrant County Jail for his murder trial.

How and when did these two ―partners in crime‖ ever meet? If BHH and Michael had a relationship then it was purely postal--I don't think that they were ever in the same prison unit at the same time.

Why did Michael concoct this bogus letter? I can think of two reasons. Michael was getting desperate and he could see the handwriting on the cell wall. He realized that his lies and loose lips were about to get him into a world of hurt so he instituted plan ―B‖ to bail out his young misguided butt. Lastly, this bogus letter was just one of many ruses and schemes that he played during the course of his incarceration to muddy the waters and unlock the door on his cell.

Michael loved to play games with the screws and people in general. I could write another book just about Michael's games--he would have made Prince Machiavelli proud!

March 18, 2001: Letter from Mr. Bill to Michael

Dear Michael:

Sorry that I have not written you in awhile but I have been very busy with this dumb college class that I am taking which has eaten my lunch. But I want you to know that you have not been forgotten in the interim. Attached to this letter is a copy of some proposed bylaws (authored by Mr. Bill) for the Michael Toney Legal Defense Association. SA asked me to mail this to you for your review. (She is a remarkable woman and I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for her.)

We are trying to implement a method whereby funds that have been contributed to this fund can be used to pay your legal expenses and supplement your inmate account balance. After you have studied these proposed bylaws please contact SA and let her know what your opinion is so that we can get the ball rolling to start your Defense Association.

Your brother in Christ,

Mr. Bill

Mr. Bill: Okay, so what's this letter all about Alfie? To make a long story short, at the behest of Association M'AIM and Michael, Denise and I started a non-profit organization called the

―Michael Toney Legal Defense Fund.‖ The organization came into being April 27, 2001 and was dissolved October 10, 2002 after I discovered that wire transfers by Western Union were easier to transact.

April 19, 2001: Email from Michael to Mr. Bill

Subject: Proposed 2 Year Moratorium on Texas State Executions A staff writer for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram is writing an article regarding the proposed two year moratorium on death penalty (executions). She has asked me to have others write to her regarding how you feel about the proposed moratorium and why you feel it is necessary, etc.

Understand that whatever you write may very well be published. And be sure to seal the envelope before sending, it is privileged, ―Media Correspondence‖ (this instruction was directed at inmates). I've known this writer for quite some time and I know it is her desire to write an article regarding both sides of this issue.

Please everyone write to her and tell her how we feel about the executions. Here is her address: Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Ms. Gabrielle Crist

400 W. 7th St.

Fort Worth, TX 76102

Thank You,

Death Row Inmate Michael Toney

April 19, 2001: Letter from Mr. Bill to Gabrielle Crist, Fort Worth Star-Telegram reporter Dear Ms. Crist:

A friend of mine named Michael Toney that is currently residing on Texas Death Row asked me to tell you how I feel about the proposed two-year moratorium of the death penalty in the state of Texas. So in compliance with my unjustly convicted friend's request, here goes...

I am strongly in favor of the two-year moratorium of the death penalty. I am ashamed to live in a state that has the dubious distinction of holding the record for the number of executions per year.

It is time for a cessation of these barbaric state-sanctioned murders so that calmer and cooler heads might prevail.

Before I met Michael Toney, I am ashamed to confess that I was an ardent supporter of the death penalty and capital punishment. Since I have thoroughly investigated Michael's case, I have come to the inescapable conclusion that he is innocent and is the victim of a government frame-up by the perjured testimony of two bought and paid for government liars (a.k.a witnesses for the prosecution with immunity).

When I realized that Michael Toney was innocent and facing the supreme penalty, then I began to wonder how many other men and women on Death Row were facing execution for crimes they did not commit. If just one innocent man or woman is executed then that is one person too many!

The American legal system is seriously flawed concerning capital crime cases. Under the present flawed system, if you have enough money to burn and your skin is the right color then you can have the best justice that money can buy and walk away from a murder conviction. (Remember Cullen Davis?)

I pray that this two-year moratorium is approved so that every inmate on Death Row gets the opportunity to have his or her case reviewed. I also pray that every inmate on Death Row can have their DNA tested because it seems that a whole lot of innocent people have been freed when it was discovered that their DNA did not match the DNA found on the bodies of their alleged victims.

Someday the Death Penalty will be abolished when we realize that people that murder other people in cold blood are mentally ill and need treatment--not execution. I pray that our current President (Bush Jr) sees the error of his ways and abandons his flippant, callused attitude towards the unfortunates on Death Row that are waiting for their lethal injections--Death is not a laughing matter President Bush!


W. A. Davis

Mr. Bill: My impassioned letter to Ms. Crist must have struck a chord because she published it verbatim with her article on the proposed two-year moratorium of the death penalty.

April 20, 2001: Email from Michael to Edwin Smith, Denise and Mr. Bill Subject: Michael Toney Legal Defense Association

This letter is a must do thing. In the letter I received from SA (the M'AIM chairperson) last night she relayed to me that I needed to get with Bill regarding the defense fund. I should have known that this was my responsibility from the beginning. I can't expect her to do everything from France. God knows she's a very busy professional woman not SUPER woman. I was going to write directly to Bill but I would have had to write a letter to Denise and Edwin also. So I'm going to attempt all of this--through one letter, DD. I am sure you can relay contents of this letter to each by email. (Sometime around March 2001, Michael made the acquaintance of a lady named DD. DD lived near the Polunsky Unit and was in a better position to relay messages from Michael to the world. This letter from Michael was addressed to DD and Michael directed her to email this letter to the usual suspects: me, Denise, Edwin and SA.) DD you've said as much but I am assuming you want to be a part of the association. I hope I am right because I want you to be on the board. I'm also hoping Edwin will be willing to participate.

It is important he is involved, first of all because he is a very special friend to me and if it wasn't for him I would probably be dead. I know how he feels about the D/P (Death Penalty) and about miscarriages of justice. He knows what this place is like and he knows what many of the men in this hell hole are like.

Bill, I know your main concern is my well being and correcting the wrong that has been done.

But I have never asked you how you feel about the D/P). (Bill, this is DD. I think after Michael reads the letter you sent Ms. Crist he will know this.) Yes, Bill that is a question. I understand that most Southern Baptists are Pro Capital Punishment. Our association will be about wrongful convictions BUT everyone must understand that sometimes a person is guilty of murder but not guilty of capital murder. The reason this is all very important because our association will continue to raise money and fight for people that are wrongfully convicted regardless of whatever happens to me. I believe in my heart 100% that I will be free in the not so distant future and in the event that I am free I will continue with the fight and the association. In other words, I may be sole beneficiary now and am the purpose of the association but it will continue.


Mr. Bill: Michael and I never had long discussions about religion and politics. If we had discussed religion, then I would have told him that I was NOT a card-carrying hard-shell Southern Baptist--I preferred to think of myself as a Christian that just happened to frequent Southern Baptist Churches (since there seems to be a Baptist church on every corner where I live). I am adamantly opposed to the Southern Baptist leadership's policy of ignoring the separation of state and church and sleeping with the enemy: government. I pray daily that the Southern Baptists will abandon their incestuous love affair with politics and return to their first true love, Jesus, and the mission that he gave to his bride: to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth until he returns in glory! (I don't see this happening in my life time as long as the Greedy Old Party panders to the religious right and ―fundamentalists‖ control the Southern Baptist Convention.)


This is one of the things that must be added to the constitution: this association's purpose is to aid in the investigation and defense of the wrongfully convicted. Another thing that should be changed is where it mentions my personal expenses. I don't think that it should be so specific but should just say expenses of daily living in prison or something to that effect. Of course the constitution should state that the association expenses such as postage, etc., will come out of the general fund.

Now for the difficult part- I know that there is some concern as to Denise and the fact that she may have a conflict of interest. I disagree with this completely. Sure she did testify for the state at my trial but she will not be testifying again. They would never call her as a witness because of the fact that she was threatened and this is detailed in an affidavit. The state would not want that to be before a jury. In the event she is to testify in an evidentiary hearing there would be no conflict because she admitted that her previous testimony was inaccurate. Its important to me and to her that she be a part of the association. She has done a lot to help me over the last two years and will continue to do so. In fact, I'm thinking that her location will be very helpful because the association checks require two signatures. If she is one of the two people authorized to sign the checks, they would have to be mailed to someone for endorsement which would be another unnecessary delay. I don't believe we have enough people involved locally right now to put anything to a vote. Of course, we will have to have a president. I feel that SA is most knowledgeable and should be our president for the time being. But you may feel differently and she may not want the position. Bill, I would like to see you as the treasurer and a board member (or officer). DD, I'd like to see you and Edwin as board members. I am asking my friend, attorney Roger Blair to be legal advisor. Of course, as things progress we will have more members. The main thing is getting started.

We have to get an assumed name certificate (or DBA) which can be obtained by Bill and Denise at the Tarrant County Court House and a bank account has to be opened so that money from over seas can be wired directly to it. Another thing is the association's address. Between Bill and Denise I'm sure they can arrange that even if it is a P.O. Box for the time being. Bill already knows about the 501(c)3. I'm hoping all of you can discuss Bill's position by email.

One other thing is the name of the association. I don't like to use the word ―association‖ because there are far too many associations in regards to the D/P that don't do anything. Then on the other hand, we are not only concerned with the D/P. This is up to you but I think ―Michael Toney Foundation‖ would be adequate. I'm hoping you can discuss the name too. The main thing is to get the ball rolling. If I wasn't here all this would be much easier but then if I wasn't we wouldn't need to do it. We also wouldn't have come together.

I'm hoping with everything I've said this will get things moving here in the USA. God knows SA has done the biggest part of everything thus far. We can't wait on her to do everything. We have to take some initiative ourselves. Keep in mind that I am completely open when it comes to positions you all will be taking. I'm just making suggestions to get things going. I'm sure all of you have the same goal in mind so positions don't really matter.

I need to wrap this up because I keep DD too busy as it is. Bill, I ask about you feel about the D/P because I know how everyone else feels and we don't need any conflicts in the future. Its better that we know how each other feels on this subject.


Mr. Bill: Okay, for Michael's sake and the gentle reader's sake, let's settle once and for all how yours truly feels about the death penalty. Before 9/11 I was adamantly opposed to the death penalty. But after Bin Laden and his gang of murdering criminals killed 3,000 of my fellow Americans I came to the conclusion that the death penalty should not be completely revoked because of the evil that some men do. In regards to Michael's situation, I worked for his release because the evidence convinced me that he was innocent and had been wrongfully convicted by a government kangaroo court for the non-capital crimes of being stupid and having a big mouth.

If at any time during the course of our relationship I had developed the slightest doubt about Michael's ―innocence‖ I would have dropped him like a hot potato and told him to die and go to hell! (I have no love or mercy for terrorist bombers.)


I hope all of you can get organized and begin now. Just to let everyone I'm feeling very good about everything. God is answering our prayers. He is exposing the TRUTH. I'm anxious to hear from T and B. It's been a while since I heard anything from them. I'm very anxious to see their reports and get copies of everything. Bill, you did a very good job on the bylaws.


Mr. Bill: Michael wrote: ―Bill, you did a very good job on the bylaws.‖ This is a classic Michael Toney understatement. I wrote the bylaws for my church and a local non-profit community service organization. I also obtained state charters for these two organizations and 501(c)3

federal tax exemptions.


I'm grateful to every one of you and I believe I'll have the opportunity to show that gratitude in the not so distant future. I send each of you much love and know that you are in my prayers.


Mr. Bill: The preceding email shows that Michael had a tendency to be an over-bearing anal control freak. His insistence that the Defense Fund Association should be firmly under his thumb planted the seeds for its ultimate demise. The Defense Fund's bylaws limited its flexibility and ability to take action without getting the approval of its incarcerated chairman. The Association M'AIM was not hamstrung by Michael Toney's restrictions and was able to successfully raise the vast amounts of money needed to support Michael's quest for justice and freedom. After the demise of the Michael Toney Legal Defense Fund, I assumed the role of M'AIM's American representative and handled M'AIM Western Union wire transfers to Michael's inmate petty cash accounts, purchased books and stationery for Michael, paid tuition for a para-legal course, and made payments to lawyers and bondsmen all on M'AIM's dime. Michael's struggle for justice and freedom would have gone nowhere without M'AIM--none of his ―compassionate conservative Republican American friends‖ donated a dime towards his cause.

April 27, 2001: The Michael Toney Legal Defense Fund Board Organizing Meeting Minutes The acting moderator, Denise Wallenhurst, called the meeting to order at 7 PM. The following board members as designated by the Chairman Michael Toney in his notarized statement were present: Denise Wallenhurst and William A. Davis.

The acting moderator read a letter from the Chairman indicating his acceptance of the Constitution and Bylaws as presented April 27, 2001. The Secretary recorded the Constitution and Bylaws as ratified and entered this in the minutes.

The acting moderator read a notarized statement from the Chairman naming Denise Wallenhurst as the organization's secretary. This statement was accepted as read and entered in the minutes.

The acting moderator read a notarized statement from the Chairman naming William A. Davis as the organization's Treasurer. This statement was accepted as read and entered in the minutes.

The Treasurer introduced a motion for the Secretary and Treasurer to open a bank account in an Azle, Texas bank for the Michael Toney Legal Defense Fund. The motion was seconded by the Secretary and passed. The Treasurer and Secretary agreed to meet May 11, 2001 in Azle, Texas to open the organization's bank account.

The acting moderator noted in closing that the office of President was still open but would be announced at the next Board meeting after the Chairman designates a person to fill this office.

No date was set for the next Board meeting which is pending further action by the Chairman.

The Chairman will notify the Board Secretary when the next meeting will be held.

The board meeting adjourned at 730 PM.

Denise Wallenhurst, Secretary

The Michael Toney Legal Defense Fund

cc: Michael Toney, Chairman

Mr. Bill: The Michael Toney Legal Defense started with three members and ended with the three initial members--no other members joined the Defense Fund's ranks during its brief existence.