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Welfare was completely eliminated because all the eligible recipients died from starvation or
(My dream ended at this point because my wife woke me up after my screaming roused her from
a sound sleep.)
William A. Davis
Mr. Bill: The Fort Worth Star-Telegram published my letter to the editor titled, ―Nightmare on
Bush Street.‖ In this letter I expressed my rage over Bush Junior's stolen presidential election
and prophesied that he would screw up America's economy just like he screwed up the economy
of Texas. My ―humorous‖ diatribe attracted the interest of death row inmate #999314 at the
Polunsky Unit in Livingston, Texas.
November 24, 2000: Mr. Bill: Received a letter from death row inmate #999314. This letter
started a curious nine year long relationship between an electronics engineer-computer nerd and
a death row con.
November 20, 2000: Letter from Michael Toney to Mr. Bill
Dear William,
I hope this letter finds you and your family having had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm as well as
my situation will allow. I have seen better days but I'll get to that in a minute.
First I would like to congratulate you for your honesty and courage in writing ―The Nightmare
on Bush Street‖ that was written to be humorous but the fact is it's the truth! By the time this
letter reaches you, maybe the scandal will be over but I doubt it. The Florida Supreme Court's
decision was great. I bet it caused Bush to mess his drawers and we know it caused a myocardial
infarction for Cheney. I wouldn't wish a heart attack on anyone but this morning when I heard
about Cheney I wasn't in the least surprised. In 1999 I said, ―Bush is the Y2K problem!‖ Let's
hope I was wrong!
I need to introduce myself and I hope you're not bothered by who I am and where I am. Please
read what I say with an open mind. I assure you everything I say is the exact 100% honest to
GOD truth! My name is Michael Toney and I'm on Texas death row. I was convicted and
sentenced to death for the 1985 Lake Worth bombing in which 3 people were killed. I was
convicted in 1999. I did not commit this horrible crime in fact I didn't even hear about it until
June of 1997. I have never in my life even been to the place where it happened. I was convicted
because my ex-wife and an old friend that I hadn't seen in 13 years lied. I was convicted because
of nothing but a lie! I hope that you can see the above listed web pages so you can understand
what I am saying and why I was convicted. I'm the first one to tell anyone that I'm not by any
means of the word a perfect person. I haven't been a good person but I have never in my life even
thought of taking someone's life. I will also admit that I have been slow to learn from my
mistakes. A situation like the one I'm in will open the eyes of even the hardest of hard heads.