The Consecrated Emenation HTML version

enticing, motivating, employing the brain, the legs, the
arms....until there was no resistance. Yea, the desire to fight
was literally vacuumed from pit of the very soul!
The legs were then forced, compelled beyond
imagination, to move into a forced direction with the same
compulsion that a magnet bears when near the opposing
end of another. Even in-spite of the very imagination
desiring the body at a specific destination, the legs ambled
forward as though going by their own free will, in absence
of the mind. The hands may grasp and railings, the arms
may wrap the light stands, but the allure grows with more
intensity....and the eyes inform the mind of this new absence of the permission of the mind. Soon
the song grows in volume and intensity until every sound
that the ears behold is of an eerie haunting beckoning.
The eyes behold the sidewalk path that leads toward an
ancient two story brick home that spoke of wealth and
glory somewhat faded. The feet then transport the body