The Confutatio Pontificia HTML version

In Reference To The Matters Presented To His Imperial Majesty By The Elector Of
Saxony And Some Princes And States Of The Holy Roman Empire, On The Subject And
Concerning Causes Pertaining To The Christian Orthodox Faith, The Following Christian
Reply Can Be Given._ August 3, 1530. Edited by J. M. Reu.
As His Worshipful Imperial Majesty received several days since a Confession of Faith
presented by the Elector the duke of Saxony and several princes and two cities, to which
their names were affixed, with his characteristic zeal for the glory of God, the salvation
of souls, Christian harmony and the public peace, he not only himself read the
Confession, but also, in order that in a matter of such moment he might proceed the more
thoroughly and seasonably, he referred the aforesaid Confession to several learned,
mature, approved and honorable men of different nations for their inspection and
examination, and earnestly directed and enjoined them to praise and approve what in the
Confession was said aright and in accord with Catholic doctrine, but, on the other hand,
to note that wherein it differed from the Catholic Church, and, together with their reply,
to present and explain their judgment on each topic. This commission was executed
aright and according to order. For those learned men with all care and diligence examined
the aforesaid Confession, and committed to writing what they thought on each topic, and
thus presented a reply to His Imperial Majesty. This reply His Worshipful Imperial
Majesty, as becomes a Christian emperor, most accurately read and gave to the other
electors, princes and estates of the Roman Empire for their perusal and examination,
which they also approved as orthodox and in every respect harmonious with the Gospel
and Holy Scripture. For this reason, after a conference with the electors, princes and
states above named, in order that all dissension concerning this our orthodox holy faith
and religion may be removed, His Imperial Majesty has directed that a declaration be
made at present as follows:
In reference to the matters presented to His Imperial Majesty by the Elector of Saxony
and some princes and states of the Holy Roman Empire, on the subject and concerning
causes pertaining to the Christian orthodox faith, the following Christian reply can be