The Complete Poetry of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow HTML version

Passage Prometheus, or the Poet's
Forethought Epimetheus, or the Poet's Afterthought The
Ladder of St. Augustine The Phantom Ship The Warden
of the Cinque Ports Haunted Houses In the Churchyard
at Cambridge The Emperor's Bird's-Nest The Two
Angels Daylight and Moonlight The Jewish Cemetery at
Newport Oliver Basselin Victor Galbraith My Lost
Youth The Ropewalk The Golden Mile-
Stone Catawba Wine Santa Filomena The
Discoverer of the North Cape Daybreak The Fiftieth
Birthday of Agassiz Children Sandalphon FLIGHT
THE SECOND. The Children's
Hour Enceladus The Cumberland Snow-
Flakes A Day of Sunshine Something left
Undone Weariness
First Prelude The Wayside Inn The
Landlord's Tale Paul Revere's
Ride Interlude The Student's Tale The
Falcon of Ser Federigo Interlude The Spanish Jew's
Tale The Legend of Rabbi Ben
Levi Interlude The Sicilian's Tale King
Robert of Sicily Interlude The Musician's
Tale The Saga of King Olaf I. The Challenge of
Thor II. King Olaf's Return III. Thora of
Rimol IV. Queen Sigrid the Haughty V. The Skerry of
Shrieks VI. The Wraith of Odin VII. Iron-
Beard VIII. Gudrun IX. Thangbrand the
Priest X. Raud the Strong XI. Bishop Sigurd at
Salten Fiord XII. King Olaf's Christmas XIII. The
Building of the Long Serpent XIV. The Crew of the Long
Serpent XV. A Little Bird in the Air XVI. Queen Thyri
and the Angelica Stalks XVII. King Svend of the Forked
Beard XVIII. King Olaf and Earl Sigvald XIX. King Olaf's
War-Horns XX. Einar Tamberskelver XXI. King Olaf's
Death-drink XXII. The Nun of
Nidaros Interlude The Theologian's
Tale. Torquemada Interlude The Poet's
Tale The Birds of Killingworth Finale PART